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Summer Research Projects

Marine Sciences Summer Program interns present their research projects and findings as a part of their experience, giving them both the benefit of conducting research and that of presenting their research, skills that will prepare them for science careers.

REU Interns Emily Aurora Tagging Horseshoe Crabs

2014 Final Presentations




Rachel Oidtman

Species distribution modeling of the sea scallop (Placopectan magellanicus) and the giant barrel sponge (Xestospongia muta) using AUV-based photographs

D. Miller
Alex Itin

Remotely operated vehicle wheel and mount assemblies to aid in benthic exploration

A. Trembanis
Laura Damiani

Distributions of Shewanella spp. in Delaware's inland bays and their relationships to harmful dinoflagellate blooms

K. Coyne
Chris Angell

Fish kairomones and diel vertical migration

J. Cohen
Brian Simmons

Glacial and interglacial circulation change in the North Atlantic

K. Billups
Laramie Jensen

Speciation of manganese in the Broadkill river system and Delaware inland bays

G. Luther
Kelley McBride

Sea surface temperature verification of satellite
Platforms to Determine Migratory Patterns of Sand Tiger Sharks, Carcharias taurus, across the Mid-Atlantic

M. Oliver
Anastasia Procaccini

Validating sea surface temperature from infrared
satellite observations for Atlantic sturgeon species distribution model

M. Oliver
Alex Creed

Trends and variations in nutrient loads at Nanticoke River, Delaware

B. Ullman and J. York
Erin Landis Spatial variation of carbon sequestration in tidal
C. Sommerfield

2013 Final Presentations




Joanna Marrufo

Distribution and Ecology of Invasive Asian Shore Crab Near the Mouth of the Delaware Bay

C. Epifanio

Margaret Blake

Visual Mechanisms in Marine Copepod Mating Behavior

J. Cohen

Samantha Goodwin

Fractured Pooling and Uca pugnax

D. Miller

Libby Cieniewicz

Local Distribution and Population Dynamics of Shewanella spp. in Relation to Harmful Dinoflagellate Blooms

K. Coyne

Seaver Wang

Geology, Ecology, and Change at the Redbird Artificial Reef Site

A. Trembanis

Charleen O'Brien

The Effect of Temperature on Salinity Tolerance during Seashore Mallow (Kosteletzkya pentacarpos) Germination

J. Gallagher

Nick Pajerowski

Transport and Fate of Radioactive Iodine-131 in the Murderkill River

C. Sommerfield

Anna Gruszkiewicz

The Effects of Diel-Cycling Hypoxia and pH on Growth Rate of Juvenile Summer Flounder

T. Targett

Dillon Bradshaw

Filtration System Housing Design and Fabrication

G. Luther

Elisabeth Schlaudt

The impact of freshwater ponds on nitrogen cycling in the Murderkill River watershed

B. Ullman and J. York


2012 Final Presentations




Scott Miller

Population Trends of Rocky Intertidal Crab Species in the UD Harbor

C. Epifanio

Terrell Carter*

Native and Invasive Megalopal Settlement in the Delaware Bay Area

C. Epifanio

Olivia Graham

Where, Oh Where, Can They Be? An Investigation of Juvenile Horseshoe Crab Abundance in Mid-Atlantic Bays

D. Miller

Mark Lehtonen

Color Vision in the Talitrid Amphipod Talorchestia megalophthalma

J. Cohen

Jake Steinberg

Laboratory Investigations of Sea Spray as Produced by Wind and Breaking Waves

F. Vernon

Will Gayne-Maynard

Quantifying Nitrogen Sources and Links in the Murderkill Estuary

B. UllmanJ. York

Sarah Bennet

Iron Speciation in two Different Biogeochemical Systems: Freshwater and Bay Water

G. Luther

Paul Spencer* and Tyler Davidson

Deep Sea Filtration Device

G. Luther

Michelle Penkrot

Spatial Variability of Sediment Accumulation and Accretion in a Delaware Bay Salt Marsh

C. Sommerfield

Hannah Blair

Varying Salt Tolerance Within Seashore Mallow (Pentacarpos virginica) Germplasm

J. Gallagher

Brandon Williams

Protease Levels of Capitella at Different Temps

A. Marsh

Isata Panda*

Determining Hemoglobin Affinity and Cellulose Amounts in Capitella

A. Marsh

Eric Yoder

Studying the Delaware Bay with Ferry Monitoring

J. Sharp

Cara Simpson

Effects of Wind Speed on Acoustic Telemetry

M. Oliver

Dana Rollison

The Effect of Elevated CO2 on the Physiology of Two Algal Cnidarian Symbioses

M. Warner

Kaila Capello

Distribution and Pumping Effects of the Giant Barrel Sponge Xestospongia muta on Conch Reef, Key Largo, Florida

A. Trembanis


* indicates non-REU students who participated in the program


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