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Summer Workshops

Students in the Marine Sciences Summer Program are offered workshops and seminars by faculty and research experts at the University of Delaware and throughout the field of marine science.

2015 Summer Intern Workshops and Seminars

Workshop, Seminar or Field Trip Speaker
Orientation (introductions, program overview, safety, facilities tour) J. Lopez, J. Scudlark, J. York
Fieldtrip: Marsh walk D. Miller
Seminar: Coastal Eutrophication: Causes, consequences and controls J. York
Luncheon with graduate students  
Honor, integrity, and responsible conduct of research W. Ullman
Seminar: Extreme protists K. Coyne
Intern presentations: Proposed research  
Fieldtrip: Cape Henlopen environments E. Maurmeyer
Small boat course  
After BS/BA, What next? W. Ullman
Fieldtrip: R/V Joanne Daiber Boat Trip J. York
Communicating Results from Scientific Research. Part I D. Kirchman
Communicating Results from Scientific Research. Part I D. Kirchman
Seminar: Abiotic and biotic chemistry at hydrothermal vents G. Luther
Seminar: Estuaries: where rivers meet the sea C. Sommerfield
Presentation skills J. Biddle
Small Boat Practical  
Seminar: Deep foraging by teuthivourous whales M. Moline
Final Presentations and Lunch  


Previous Workshops and Seminars (in addition to above list)

Workshop/Seminar Speaker
Life Under Antarctic Ice A. Marsh
Seminar: Advances in seafloor habitat mapping and robotic exploration of the ocean A. Trembanis
Air-Sea Interactions: Connecting the Ocean and the Atmosphere F. Veron
Apply to the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program, and Q&A about Other Opportunities for Graduate Student Support G. Mueller-Parker
20,000 Microbes Under the Sea J. Biddle
Where the $#%@ am I? Orientation and Navigation in Marine Mammals J. Cohen
Need Fuel? Hire a Halophyte. They Multi-Task Where Others Can't. J. Gallagher
Seminar: Using robotics to understand polar systems M. Oliver


Summer Research Projects

In addition to participating in workshops and seminars, interns work closely with faculty mentors on research projects.

Their findings are presented at the end of the summer. This experience helps them develop skills that will prepare them for future science careers.

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CEOE School & Departments

School of Marine Science & Policy

Advancing the understanding, stewardship, and conservation of estuarine, coastal, and ocean environments.

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Department of Geological Sciences

Discovering how geological processes have operated over various time scales to create and influence the planet’s surface environments.

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Department of Geography

Investigating the interactions between people and the environment and the processes that explain the location of human and natural phenomena.

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