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Jobs & Internships

Whether here in CEOE or working in government or industry, we can help you make connections with future employers.

Today, thousands of earth, ocean, and environmental scientists, researchers, and policy specialists are busy at work in the United States and around the globe. They gather and interpret data about the earth, oceans, and the atmosphere in order to better understand the planet and its systems. They also study human interaction with and impact on the natural and built world. These scientists deal with a multitude of important and diverse issues, from global warming, declining fisheries, eroding coastlines, surface/subsurface processes, and environmental public policy to the development of new drugs, the discovery of new information about various species, the development of alternative energies sustainable practices, and the invention of new technologies to explore the earth, ocean, and atmosphere. These scientists are employed by state and federal governments, universities and colleges, environmental agencies, and in private industry.

The Future

The outlook for future earth, ocean, and environmental careers is strong. With dwindling water and mineral resources, additional energy needs and the concomitant development of alternative energies, there is strong growth potential in environmental fields and green technologies during the coming decades. As we learn more about the interconnectedness of the earth and its global ocean, assess how humans affect the earth, and determine the impact of earth, ocean, and atmospheric resource usage on our quality of life, new opportunities in earth, ocean, and environmental fields emerge.

Job Opportunities

Our alumni work around the globe in a diversity of fascinating careers, from professors, research scientists, GIS specialists, resource managers, urban planners, ocean engineers, weather forecasters, and teachers, to doctors, lawyers, business owners, journalists, and many others. Our interdisciplinary emphasis provides our graduates with a high degree of flexibility as they navigate their futures and make important contributions to our world community!

As CEOE learns of job oportunities for which its students and graduates may be suited, they are posted here:

Post-doctoral Research Associate, Biological/Physical Oceanography, University of Southern Mississippi

Career Information

The following links will give you more information about careers in the earth, ocean, and environmental fields:

Careers in Geography and Environmental Studies and Science
Careers in the Geosciences
Marine Careers

Students majoring in science, engineering or mathematics may compete for one of our ten summer research internships (supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation's Division of Ocean Sciences) or a Physical Ocean Science & Engineering (POSE) summer internship. These summer interns conduct guided research in marine science.

Other undergraduate students with backgrounds in science or policy disciplines (economics, political science, international relations) who want to research the legal, political, and social aspects of the marine environment and the policy implications may want to apply for a Marine Policy internship.

Marine Sciences Summer Program

Supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation's Division of Ocean Sciences, this REU (Research Experience for Undergraduates) program awards ten science, engineering, and mathematics undergraduates summer internships to conduct guided research in marine science. Learn More 




Discover Our World!

Marine Science Research Interns

Students wrap up 2019 Research Experience for Undergraduates program at UD’s Lewes campus.

Plant Passion

UD undergraduate Jordan Dobak discovers her passion for plants during a summer internship.

Adapting to Climate Change

Researchers urge communities to plan for ‘managed retreat.'
Helga Huntley

Tracking ocean pollution

Uncovering new clues about how oil, other pollutants move in ocean
Asia Dowtin

Stemflow study

Investigating how rainwater travels in urban forests
horseshoe crab

Horseshoe Crabs and Artificial Bait

We are working to identify chemoattractants in horseshoe crabs and produce an artificial bait, reducing the reliance on horseshoe crabs in the eel and conch fisheries.

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CEOE School & Departments

School of Marine Science & Policy

Advancing the understanding, stewardship, and conservation of estuarine, coastal, and ocean environments.

Learn More
Department of Earth Sciences

Discovering how geological processes have operated over various time scales to create and influence the planet’s surface environments.

Learn More
Department of Geography and Spatial Sciences

Providing a unique spatial perspective that seeks to explain patterns of differences and commonality across the human and natural environment.

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