The Center of Environmental Genomics brings together people interested in the application of genomic-related technology to solving basic and applied problems in the environment. Here “genomic” is used broadly to include bioinformatics, proteomics, and other “omic” sciences. The Center facilitates interactions and collaborations between members now using genomic-based technology and others who have active programs in ecology or the environmental sciences. The Center fosters synergies and interactions among faculty and scientists who might not otherwise collaborate.


  • Recruit graduate students
  • Increase the visibility of an important research area
  • Attract university, state, and federal funds for center activities
  • Enhance the role of environmental scientists in the decision making process of the University
  • Foster international collaborations and student exchange



CEG member
Eric Wommack
is co-Editor-
in-Chief of Microbiome, a journal devoted to bringing together
investigators working on bacterial communities (microbiomes) in environmental, agricultural, and biomedical arenas.

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Workshops and Events

2013 Joint EU-US Theoretical and Practical Training Course on Marine Bioinformatics: Marine Omics
Date: June 16–29, 2013
Place: Delaware Biotechnology Institute, Newark, Del.

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Omic Technologhy

Geomicrobiologist Clara Chan holds a sample of iron-oxidizing bacteria in her lab.