Toward an Ocean Plan for Delaware

A report has been prepared, as a group project, by members of the graduate course on Integrated Coastal Management in the College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment at the University of Delaware during Spring semester 2000 for presentation to the Delaware Coastal Management Program of the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental control.

This report first examines the experiences of other states (e.g., Oregon, California, Hawaii, North Carolina, and Florida) in their efforts to develop state ocean plans-the triggers that raised awareness of the importance of offshore issues, the steps that were taken to investigate resources and management problems, and the specific processes that were put into place to develop state ocean management plans. To the extent allowed by the available information and through contacts with key officials in these states, the report also provides an overview of the success that has been achieved in the implementation of the state ocean plans.

The report then provides an overview of the major ocean resources and uses, which take place offshore Delaware. Analysis of these uses and resources reveals a significant number of conflicts, which exist among them, and highlights the need to resolve them.

Please see the report for more details about the project's findings.

Stefano Belfiore, Christine A. Calverley, Giselle Firme, Gerhard F. Kuska, Tiffany Ledesma, Kwang-suk Oh, Danielle M. Tesch, Alejandro Villa-Arce. Turning to the Sea: Toward an Ocean Plan for Delaware. Under the direction of Professors Biliana Cicin-Sain and James Falk. Presented to the Delaware Coastal Management Program, Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control, 2000.

Improving the Management of Coastal Ecosystems through Management Analyses and Remote Sensing/GIS Applications: Experiences from the Delaware Region

This report provides the results of the work of three multi-disciplinary teams of investigators (involving remote sensing and GIS specialists, oceanographers, biologists, public policy experts, Sea Grant outreach personnel) working on analyzing approaches to and tools for the management of ecosystems in the Delaware region (the State of Delaware plus neighboring states and surrounding waters). This effort was funded by the Delaware Sea Grant College Program. The project sought to: 1) Analyze ongoing experiments with ecosystem management already taking place in the region to determine the effectiveness of various approaches, against the backdrop of the literature on ecosystem management, adaptive management, and integrated management which suggest "best practices" norms; and 2) to experiment with and illustrate novel approaches to describing various parameters of ecosystem health using remote sensing and GIS techniques in relation to land, estuarine, and marine ecosystems.

A number of University of Delaware faculty, professional staff, graduate students, Sea Grant outreach and communications personnel, participated in this effort. For more details about the project, please see the report:

Improving the Management of Coastal Ecosystems through Management Analysis and Remote Sensing/GIS Applications: Experiences from the Delaware Region. Principal investigators: Vic Klemas, Robert W. Knecht, Biliana Cicin-Sain, Richard Field, Xiao Hai Yan, Kent Price, Mohsen Badiey, Kuo-Chuin Wong. With contributions from Professor Jonathan Sharp, Professor William Ullman; Delaware Sea Grant Advisor Joseph Farrell; Tracey Bryant, Marine Communications; Graduate students: Nigel Bradly, Lilian Pintea, Oliver Weatherbee, Allison Bailey, Louis Keiner, Pablo Clemente-Colon, Ampai Harakunarak, Dosoo Jang, Deborah Goldstein, Stephanie Poole, Miriam Balgos, Tammy Brant, Evelia Rivera, Suzanna Donahue, and Jorge Gutierrez.

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