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Xiamen Dual Degree Defense

First defense for UD-XMU Dual Ph.D. Degree Program in Oceanography to be held Nov. 25

The first doctoral student in the University of Delaware-Xiamen University Dual Ph.D. Degree Program in Oceanography will defend his dissertation on Monday, Nov. 25.

Zhaoyun Chen will present “Coastal Upwelling Study: Observations, Dynamic Analysis and Modeling” at 8 p.m. EST in room 206 of Robinson Hall (China time: 9 a.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 26).

Chen’s dissertation uses in-situ observations, remote sensing and analytic and numerical models to explore the coastal upwelling responses to the wind stress, wind duration, shelf slope, tide, cape and coastal canyon.

Comparisons and analysis of various coastal upwelling systems, such as the Delaware, California and Xiamen coasts, will be made.

Chen was awarded a 2012 Chinese Ph.D. National Scholarship. He has authored five papers, with one more under review.

Xiamen University is UD’s marine science sister institution in China, with a formal agreement supporting research collaboration and the 2008 establishment of the Joint Institute for Coastal Research and Management. The universities created a dual doctoral degree program in oceanography in 2011, in which several Chinese students are participating.

Emily Maung-Douglass is the first UD student to try this type of exchange, though at the postdoctoral level.

Chen’s UD dissertation committee includes:

Xiao-Hai Yan, UD Co-Chair
Yuwu Jiang, XMU Co-Chair
Young-Heon Jo, UD member
Wenzhou Zhang, XMU member

Additional defense committee to meet XMU requirement:

Quanan Zheng, University of Maryland, XMU Defense Committee Chair
Jianyu Hu, XMU, member
Shaoling Shang, XMU member
Yu Zhang, XMU member
Young-Heon Jo, UD member
Wenzhou Zhang, XMU member


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