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Adam Wallace

Assistant Professor


The nucleation and growth of carbonate minerals upon organic templates surfaces is widespread in natural and engineered environments. In the subsurface, carbonate mineralization may be promoted by biopolymer arrays on bacterial cell membranes. The stability of these phases determines the time scale over which they can act as natural sinks for carbon and heavy metals in the environment. My research uses rare-events simulation protocols and complimentary experiments to investigate the mechanisms of carbonate nucleation/growth and the influence of organic templates and living interfaces on these processes.

Department Affiliation

Department of Geological Sciences


2008 Ph.D., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Major Field: Biogeochemistry (Advisor - Patricia M. Dove)
Dissertation Title: Biologically controlled mineralization and demineralization of amorphous silica

2001 B.S., University of California, Davis
Major Field: Geology, Minor Field: English Literature

Select Publications

Dideriksen, K., Frandsen, C., Bovet, N., Wallace, A.F., Sel, O., Arbour, T., Navrotsky, N., De Yoreo,
J.J. and Banfield, J.F., Formation and transformation of a short range ordered iron carbonate
precursor. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 2015, DOI: 10.1016/j.gca.2015.05.005

Schiffbauer J.D., Xiao, S., Cai, Y., Wallace, A.F., Hua, H., Hunter, J., Xu, H., Peng, Y. and
Kaufman, A.J., A unifying model for Neoproterozoic–Palaeozoic exceptional fossil preservation
through pyritization and carbonaceous compression. Nature Communications, 2014, 5:5754 DOI:

Schiffbauer, J.D., Wallace, A.F., Broce, J. and Xiao, S., Exceptional fossil conservation through
phosphatization. The Paleontological Society Papers, 2014, 20, 59 – 82.

Wallace, A.F., Hedges, L.O., Fernandez-Martinez, A., Raiteri, P., Whitelam, S.L., Waychunas, G.A.,
Gale, J., Banfield, J.F. and De Yoreo, J.J., Microscopic evidence for liquid-liquid separation in
supersaturated CaCO3 solutions. Science, 2013, 341 (6148) 885-889

calcium carbonate

Microscopic evidence for liquid-liquid separation in supersaturated CaCO3 solutions


Thermally-induced structural and chemical alteration of organic-walled microfossils

Adam Wallace Publications
iron carbonate crystallization

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• Geoarchaeology• Geochemistry• Earth History & Paleoclimate• Geobiology


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