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Cathleen Geiger

Research Associate Professor

Professional Preparation:

  • USRA Visiting Scientist, NASA/Goddard, Post-Doc, 1997-1998
  • Thayer School of Engineering, Dartmouth College, Ph.D., 1996
  • University of Bergen, Norway, Polar Oceanography, M.S., 1990
  • Southampton College of Long Island University, Magna cum Laude, B.S., 1985

Primary Appointments:

  • Research Associate Professor (2007-Present), Department of Geography, University of Delaware
  • Research Geophysicist (2003-2006),USACE Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory, Snow and Ice Branch, Hanover, NH
  • Research Fellow (2003-2006), Associate Scientist (07/00-12/02), and Limited-Term Researcher (11/98-06/00) all at UD, Newark, DE
  • Research Assistant (09/90-06/96), Dartmouth College, Thayer School Engineering, NH
  • Scientific Assistant (08/85-07/90), Nansen Remote Sensing Center, University of Bergen, Norway
  • Technical Assistant (01/83-08/85), Brookhaven National Laboratory, Long Island, NY

Secondary Appointments:

  • Secondary appointment with College of Electrical and Computer Engineering since June 2014 to advise graduate students and consult.
  • International Glaciological Society, Sea Ice Editor 2014-present

UD Sea Ice Group

Sea Ice Group PatchThe UD Sea Ice Group (UD-SIG) provides apprenticeship training through a program called Multi-scale Education and Research through active-Learning using an Ice-physics Node (MERLIN).  Professional interests of the UD Sea Ice Group focus on the simple theme of understanding sea ice relative to space, time, scale, and thought. At the human scale, sea ice looks like a vast frozen white desert punctuated by sharp ridges, open-water leads, and polynyas. With the recent advances in remote sensing, computer technology, and telecommunications, it is now possible to "look" at ice at spatial scales beyond the human vision. Furthermore, the speed of modern technology affords us the luxury of replaying events at temporal scales many times faster than they occur. This gives us the opportunity to assess and analyze events in the past to better understand the present and prepare ourselves for the future. Long-term goals leverage scales beyond the range of human perception to improve navigation in the polar seas, better prepare humanity for survival in these regions, and assess the interaction and impact of sea ice on our world. Several ongoing research projects and outreach activities focus on research, outreach, and communication of ideas that support the discovery elements of science while advancing the development of operational tools necessary to facilitate scientific discovery.

Previous Projects:

> Barrow 2013


> Other Previous Projects

Barrow 2013

Multi-scale Education and Research through active-Learning using an Ice-physics Node


SEDNA Project

Other Previous Projects

Previous Field Experience

Current Students

Current Students

Past Students

Past Students

Meetings & Outreach Presentations

Meetings and outreach presentations (for current appointment only)

The Last Irene (video)

This short film focuses on the effects of Tropical Storm Irene in Vermont.

Cathy Geiger's Publications

Journal Articles and Book Chapters

Local-to-Polar Connections (video)

Video explores the correlation between sea ice in the arctic region and weather issues felt at the national and global level


• Climatology/Meteorology• Renewable Energy• Environmental Fluid Dynamics• Ocean Observation• Physical Oceanography• Water Science• Geophysics• Water & Society• Coastal-Zone Management• Remote Sensing• Environmental Interactions• Air-Sea Interactions• Eco-hydrology


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