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Dr. Huq Publications

P. Huq, 2013. Buoyant Outflows to the Coastal Ocean, Handbook of Environmental Fluid Dynamics, Vol. I, Chap. 17, 207-216, CRC Press

P. Huq and P. Franzese, 2013. Measurements of Turbulence and Dispersion in Three Idealized Urban Canopies with Different Aspect Ratios and Comparisons with a Gaussian Plume Model, Boundary-Layer Meteorology, 147:103–121

Anguelova, M. D., and P. Huq, 2012. Characteristics of bubble clouds at various wind speeds, J. Geophys. Res., 117,C03036, doi:10.1029/2011JC007442.

Franzese, P, and P. Huq, 2011. Urban Dispersion Modelling and Experiments in the Daytime and Nighttime Atmosphere, Boundary-Layer Meteorology, 139:395–409

Pimenta, Felipe M., A. D. Kirwan, Pablo Huq, 2010: On the Transport of Buoyant Coastal Plumes. J. Phys. Oceanogr., 41, 620–640.

Scofield, D.F. and P. Huq, 2010. Concordances among electromagnetic, fluid dynamical, and gravitational field theories, Physics Letters A, 374 (2010), 3476-3482.

Scofield, D.F. and P. Huq, 2010. Evolution of helicity in fluid flows, Journal of Mathematical Physics” (2010), 51, 033520.

Scofield, D.F. and P. Huq, 2010.  Effects of Large Scale Eddies and Stagnation surface on micro-crystallization, Chemical Engineering Science,65, 1655-1667.

Huq, P., 2009.  The Role of Kelvin Number on Bulge formation from Estuarine Buoyant Outflows. Estuaries and Coasts, 32:709-719.

Scofield, D.F. and P. Huq, 2009.  Lagrangian marker particle trajectory and microconductivity measurements in a mixing tank, Chemical Engineering Science, 64, 278-287.

Scofield, D.F. and P. Huq, 2009.  Transverse waves and vortex fields in non-relativistic fluid flows, Physics Letters A, 1155-1158.

Rice, A. E., M.M. Whitney, R.W. Garvine and P. Huq, 2008.  Energetics in Delaware Bay: Comparison of two box models with observations, Journal of Marine Research, 66 (6): 873-898.

Huq, P. and E.J. Stewart, 2008.  Measurements and analysis of the turbulent Schmidt number in density stratified turbulence, Geophysical Research Letters, 35, L23604.

Scofield, D.F. and P. Huq, 2008.  Vortex Fields and the Lamb-Stokes dissipation relation of fluid dynamics, Physics Letters A, 372: 4474-4477.

Carrillo, A., P. Huq, M.C. Perez, and J.M. Redondo, 2008.  Spatial and temporal variation of picoplanktic cyanobacteria population in a density stratified estuary,  and the introduction of a cellular gradient number, Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf,Science, 76: 153-162.

Huq, P., A. Carrillo, L.A. White, J. Redondo, S. Dharmavaram, S.R. Hanna, 2007. The shear layer above and in urban canopies, Journal of  Applied Meteorology and Climatology, 46(3): 368-376.

Stewart, E.J. and P. Huq, 2006.  Dissipation rate correction methods, Experiments in Fluids, 40(3): 405-421

Chhabra, S., P. Huq and A.K. Prasad, 2006.  Characteristics of small vortices in a turbulent axisymmetric jet, Journal of Fluids Engineering, 128(3): 439-445

Avicola, G. and P. Huq, 2003.  The role of outflow geometry in the formation of the recirculating bulge region in coastal buoyant outflows, Journal of Marine Research, 61: 411-434.

Avicola, G. and P. Huq, 2003.  The characteristics of the recirculating bulge region in coastal buoyant outflows, Journal of Marine Research, 61: 435-463.

Avicola, G. and P. Huq, 2002.  Scaling Analysis for the Interaction Between a Buoyant Coastal Current and the Continental Shelf: Experiments and Observations, Journal of Physical Oceanography, 32: 3233-3248.

Selezov, I.T., S.G. Shpakova and P. Huq, 2001.  Wave disturbances of stratified fluid due to vertical jet, International Journal of Fluid Mechanics Research, 28(1-2): 54- 65.

Huq, P., 1997.  Observations of jets in density stratified crossflows, Atmospheric Environment, 30(13): 2011-2022.

Huq, P. and E.J. Stewart, 1997.  Measurements of density fluctuations of buoyant plumes in turbulent crossflows, Atmospheric Environment, 31(11): 1677-1688.

Huq, P. and M.R. Dhanak, 1996.  The bifurcation of circular jets in crossflow.  Physics of Fluids, 8(4):754-763.

Huq, P., 1996.  The role of aspect ratio on entrainment rates of instantaneous axisymmetric finite volume releases of dense fluid,  Journal of Hazardous Materials, 49: 89-101.

Huq, P. and E.J. Stewart, 1996.  A laboratory study of buoyant plumes in laminar and turbulent crossflows, Atmospheric Environment, 30(7): 1125-1135.

Huq, P. and R.E. Britter, 1995.  Mixing of a two-layer scalar profile due to grid-generated turbulence,  Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 285: 17-40.

Huq, P. and R.E. Britter,1995.  Turbulence evolution and mixing of density stratified fluids, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 285: 41-67.

Huq, P. and D.D. Stretch,1995.  Critical dissipation rates in density stratified turbulence.  Physics of Fluids, 7(5): 1034-1039.

Gupte, S.K., S.G. Advani, and P. Huq,1995.  Role of micro-convection due to non-affine motion of particles in a mono-disperse suspension, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 36(16): 2945-2958.


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