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James Corbett

Associate Director, Marine Policy & Professor


Dr. Corbett is focused on technology policy innovation for 21st Century freight systems, with a focus on international shipping and coastal marine policy.  He has more than 20 years’ experience providing engineering, technology, and policy studies to industry, government, and other organizations.  Dr. Corbett has joint faculty appointments in Civil and Environmental Engineering in the College of Engineering and in the School of Public Policy and Administration in the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Delaware. Dr. Corbett was a lead author of seminal studies evaluating international shipping’s role in use of technology to meet stewardship goals. Among more than 175 publications, Dr. Corbett coauthored the 2000 IMO Study on Greenhouse Gases from Ships, the Second IMO Greenhouse Gas Study 2009, and the IMO Greenhouse Gas Study 2014. 


Ph.D., Engineering and Public Policy, Carnegie Mellon University, 1999.
M.S., Mechanical Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University, 1998.
B.S., Marine Engineering Technology, California Maritime Academy, 1985.
P.E., Professional Engineer, Mechanical, State of California, 1993.

Research Areas of Interest

Technology policy innovation for the 21st century

  • International and domestic maritime transportation and pollution policy
  • Risk assessment and mitigation of ocean and coastal impacts from shipping
  • Interdisciplinary technology-policy decision-making

Wordle of Key Words from Research in Prezi format

One-page CV Summary

Most recent paper: Nature Communications 
Campus Voices Broadcasts (March 1 2018; and April 28, 2016)

Daily animation for ICOADS daily observations 1800 to 2013 (visible for 3 days at a time), created from Release 2.5, 1800-2013, by Philip Brohan

Source: http://rda.ucar.edu/datasets/ds540.0/docs/ICOADS2.5-HD_Brohan2015.mp4


Benefits of better stewardship by shipping
Shipping improves stewardship in 21st Century

Shipping increasingly adopts stewardship measures through innovation and policy: cleaner fuels, treatment for invasive species, energy efficient technologies.

Freight Energy Innovation

What changes in technology and policy may most transform 21st Century freight systems? How would we visualize these ideas for collaborative innovation?

Data Related to Corbett Research

This page presents summary data products and other research that may be used by colleagues, researchers, and the public.

Decision Tools for Policy Analysis (MAST 663-010)

Develops quantitative decision-making skills for science and technology policy decisions.

Case Study in Environmental Decision Making (MAST 802-010)

Problem-based learning course providing students experience in setting up, analyzing, and writing about complex interdisciplinary issues in coastal and ocean management.

Nature Communications
Health and climate impacted by ship emissions

2018: Cleaner fuels for ships provide public health benefits with climate tradeoffs.

Energy Policy

2015: Natural gas as a marine fuel

Other Publications by James J. Corbett

57 Peer-reviewed journal articles; 11 Book chapters or sections; 51 Conference papers; 87 Reports; 6 Other (Dictionary/Editorial pieces).


• Marine Transportation


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