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Jennifer Biddle

Associate Professor

My research is focused on microorganisms in the environment, and understanding what they do and where they are. Environments we examine include local marine sediments, the deep biosphere and microbialites. We examine microbial diversity at all levels, including bacteria, archaea and fungi. We employ next generation, high throughput sequencing techniques and bioinformatics, cultivation and geochemistry techniques in our studies.


Ph.D., Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Pennsylvania State University, 2006

B.S., With Honors, Biotechnology, Rutgers University, 1999

Postdoctoral Training

Department of Geosciences, Pennsylvania State University, 2007

Department of Marine Science, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2008-10


Research Areas of Interest

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Microbial populations and processes in subseafloor marine environments

Local marine sediments

Microbialites and geobiology




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Outreach and Social Media

The Biddle lab is active in informal education and communication of science.

The Deep Biosphere

We are working on developing better genomic tools for the study of the subsurface, in addition to continual efforts at cultivating new species...

Microbial Life in Local Marine Sediments

Many local relatives of deep biosphere bacteria, archaea, and fungi are found around Delaware.


Microbial populations that form rocks in a Canadian lake are being studied in conjunction with the Pavilion Lake Research Project.

PLoS One

Deep sequencing of subseafloor eukaryotic rRNA reveals active Fungi across marine subsurface provinces.

Applied and Enviromental Microbiology

Single-filament genome-enabled indentification of an abundant octaheme cytochrome with hydroxylamine oxidase, hydrazine oxidase and nitrite reductase activities.

Gene expression in the deep biosphere

Gene expression in the deep biosphere


• Marine Ecology• Marine Genomics• Molecular Ecology• Geochemistry• Geobiology


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