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Cohen Lab Publications (2007-present)

*=undergraduate student co-author

**=graduate student co-author

Charpentier, C.L.** and J.H. Cohen (in press, Journal of Experimental Biology) Chemical cues from fish heighten visual sensitivity in larval crabs through changes in photoreceptor structure and function.

Berge, J., M. Daase, P. Renaud, W.G. Ambrose, Jr., G. Darnis, K.S. Last, E. Leu, J.H. Cohen, et al.. (in press, Current Biology) Unexpected levels of biological activity during the polar night offers new perspectives on a warming Arctic.

Cohen, J.H., J. Berge, M.A. Moline, A.J. Sørensen, K. Last, S. Falk-Petersen, P.E. Renaud, E.S. Leu, J. Grenvald, F. Cottier, H. Cronin**, S. Menze, P. Norgren, Ø . Varpe, M. Daase, G. Darnis, G. Johnsen (2015) Is ambient light during the high Arctic polar night sufficient to act as a visual cue for zooplankton? PLOS One 10(6): e0126247. DOI 10.1371/journal.pone.0126247.

Peiffer, R.F.** and J.H. Cohen (2015) Lethal and sublethal effects of oil, chemical dispersant, and dispersed oil on the ctenophore Mnemiopsis leidyi. Aquatic Biology 23:237-250. DOI 10.3354/ab00625.

Feller, K.D.**, J.H. Cohen, and T.W. Cronin (2014) Seeing double: visual physiology of double-retina eye ontogeny in stomatopod crustaceans. Journal of Comparative Physiology A XXX:XXX-XXX. DOI 10.1007/s00359-014-0967-2.

Cohen, J.H., C.K. Hanson**, A.I. Dittel, and D.C. Miller (2014) The ontogeny of larval swimming behavior in the crab Hemigrapsus sanguineus: Implications for larval transport. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 462:20-28.

Forward, R.B., B.P. Moeller*, and J.H. Cohen (2014) The circadian rhythm in larval release by the crab Rhithropanopeus harrisii: entrainment model. Biological Bulletin 226:92-101.

Cohen, J.H., L.R. McCormick, and S.M. Burkhardt* (2014) Effects of dispersant and oil on survival and swimming activity in a marine copepod. Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology 92:381-387.

Cohen, J.H. and M.R. Putts* (2013) Polarotaxis and scototaxis in the supratidal amphipod Platorchestia platensisJournal of Comparative Physiology A 199:669-680.

McCormick, L.R.* and J.H. Cohen (2012) Pupil light reflex in the Atlantic brief squid, Lolliguncula brevis. Journal of Experimental Biology 215:2677-2683.

Mason, B.M. and J.H. Cohen (2012) Long wavelength photosensitivity in coral planula larvae. Biological Bulletin 222:88-92.

Smith, N.F. and J.H. Cohen (2012) Comparative photobehavior of marine cercariae with differing secondary host preferences. Biological Bulletin 222:74-83.

Cournoyer, B.L.* and J.H. Cohen (2011) Cryptic coloration as a predator avoidance strategy in seagrass arrow shrimp colormorphs. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 402:27-34.

Ziegler, T.A., J.H. Cohen and R.B. Forward, Jr. (2010) Proximate control of diel vertical migration in phyllosoma larvae of the Caribbean spiny lobster Panulirus argusBiological Bulletin 219:207-219.

Cohen, J.H., T.W. Cronin, N.N. Lessios*, and R.B. Forward, Jr. (2010) Visual physiology underlying orientation and diel behavior in the sand beach amphipod Talorchestia longicornis.  Journal of Experimental Biology 213:3843-3851.

Forward, R.B., Jr. and J.H. Cohen (2010) Vertical Migration of Aquatic Animals in Encyclopedia of Animal Behavior, M.D. Breed, J. Moore (eds.), vol. 3, pp. 485-490. Oxford: Academic Press.

Harrison, J.A., J.H. Cohen, E. Hinchey, A. Moerke, P. von Dassow (2009) Developing and implementing an effective public outreach program.  Eos 90:333-334.

Forward, R.B., Jr., M.H. Bourla*, M.Z. Darnell, and J.H. Cohen (2009) Entrainment of the circadian rhythm of the supratidal amphipod Talorchestia longicornis by light and temperature: mechanisms of detection and hierarchical organization. Marine & Freshwater Behaviour & Physiology 42:233-247.

Forward, R.B., Jr., M.H. Bourla*, N.N. Lessios*, and J.H. Cohen (2009) Orientation to shorelines by the supratidal amphipod Talorchestia longicornis: Wavelength specific behavior during sun compass orientation.  Journal of Experimental Marine Biology & Ecology 376:102-109.

Cohen, J.H. and R.B. Forward, Jr. (2009) Zooplankton diel vertical migration: a review of proximate control.  Oceanography and Marine Biology: An Annual Review 47:77-110. 

Cohen, J.H. and T.M. Frank (2007) Vision in the hyperiid amphipod Scina crassicornisJournal of the Marine Biological Association of the U.K. 87:1201-1206.

Cohen, J.H., P.A. Tester, and R.B. Forward, Jr. (2007) Sublethal effects of the toxic dinoflagellate Karenia brevis on marine copepod behavior.  Journal of Plankton Research 29:301 – 315. (cover)



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