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John Wehmiller

Professor Emeritus


    B.A., Chemistry, Swarthmore College, 1966.
    Ph.D., Geology/Geochemistry, Columbia University, 1971.


  • Quaternary stratigraphy and geochronology of the North Carolina Coastal Plain (with USGS, NCGS, and ECU)
  • Age mixing of fossils in coastal sediments
  • Geochronology of inner shelf strata, New Jersey (with New Jersey Geological Survey)
  • Geochronology of Quaternary coastal units, peninsular Florida (with USF)
  • Compilation of major database of Quaternary fossil localities, Atlantic, Pacific and Gulf Coasts of US - involves USGS, Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History, and Florida Museum of Natural History
  • Kinetics and diagenesis of amino acids in carbonate fossils
  • Collaboration with colleagues in Turkey, Chile, and California in Quaternary geochronology of coastal marine deposits in tectonically active areas.
  • Management of an international interlaboratory calibration study of amino acid enantiomeric ratios in fossil specimens



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Various on-line maps derived from our database are constantly being revised and updated. Current links can be accessed using the list provided here:


For further information regarding these maps, publications and current research, please contact JFW at jwehm@udel.edu.



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