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Kirchman courses

MAST 427: Marine Biology  A course in marine biology for advanced undergraduates, MAST 427 is a process oriented course with an ecological perspective. The course includes lectures and selected readings from textbooks and the original literature.

  • Requirements for MAST 427

    • Two tests (each 30% of final grade)
    • Review paper (30%)
    • Homework (10%)

MAST 618 Marine Microbial Ecology     This course is introduces most of the major ecological and biogeochemical processes carried out by bacteria, archaea and protists in natural environments. Although the course title says “marine”, many other ecosystems will be discussed.  These processes are found in nearly all natural environments.  It is for advanced undergraduates and graduate students.   

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Matt Oliver

Campus Voices: Matt Oliver

Matt Oliver speaks about biological oceanography on WVUD's Campus Voices radio program
Fort Point

War relics

Michael O'Neal examining historic War of 1812 earthen forts for erosion clues
proposed offshore wind project representation

Support for offshore wind

Delaware Sea Grant research shows 77 percent of Atlantic City area residents support offshore wind power project
TEM image of Mariprofundus ferroxydans stalks

Biosignatures of Fe-Oxidizing Microbes

Modern iron-oxidizing microbes and putative microfossils are aiding the identification of biosignatures in the rock record.
horseshoe crab

Horseshoe Crabs and Artificial Bait

We are working to identify chemoattractants in horseshoe crabs and produce an artificial bait, reducing the reliance on horseshoe crabs in the eel and conch fisheries.

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