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Processes in Microbial Ecology - Errata

PME2012-FinalFrontcover.jpgby David L. Kirchman

Oxford University Press

First Edition, March 2012

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368 pages; 200 illustrations; 9.7 x 7.4


Errata and other notes

This page gives corrections to mistakes in Processes in Microbial Ecology. Some of these were corrected in later reprints of the book. Readers are encouraged to contact me (kirchman@udel.edu) if they see other errors or have suggestions or feedback. An alternative is to send comments and feedback anonymously via the publisher's website.

Page Number

Correction or Additional Notes




Table 3.4 has several mistakes. Please click here for the correct version.


Equation 6.5 should read: dN/dt = rN(K-N)/K


Units for the y-axis in Fig 6.13B should be pM per h.


In Table 6.4, the primary factor limiting diazotrophs is probably energy, at least for heterotrophic diazotrophs. Also, nitrogen has a negative impact on N2 fixation.


See Fig. 1.1D for another example of a ciliate.


The units for the left y-axis in Fig. 8.6 should be 10^8 cells/L.


The data for betaproteobacteria in freshwaters and the oceans are missing. The numbers should be 16% and 8%, respectively.


In Box 11.3, the abbreviation for dissimilatory sulfate reduction is dsr (not drs).


This page has the first of a few occasions where the Gibbs change in free energy does not have a prime ('), indicating that standard biochemical conditions are assumed.

The prime should be there in nearly all cases (with the important exception of Figure 11.6).

It should read:PME2012-deltaG.jpg


In Fig. 12.9, the arrow should show N2 leaving, not entering the cell.


This page discusses "endolytic" algae. It should read "endolithic" algae, i.e. algae that live within rocks rather than on rock surfaces.


Figure 14.2 should have "CH4", not "CH2".


The review by Weinbauer (2004) appeared in FEMS Microbiology Reviews (not FEMS Microbiology Ecology).




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