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Francis Alison Society

In 1743, Francis Alison, a dedicated educator recognized for his insight, established a small learning academy near Newark, DE. That learning academy is the institution we now call the University of Delaware. The Alison Award was established by the Board of Trustees in 1978, and bestowed annually to the faculty member who best characterizes "the scholar-schoolmaster." It is the highest honor the university can give. Rev. Alison's first class of students became distinguished statesmen, doctors, merchants, and scholars. Three signed the Declaration of Independence and one signed the U.S. Constitution.

Constitution of the Francis Alison Society (PDF)

We, the undersigned Francis Alison scholars, have resolved this day, 21 May 1990, to form and constitute the Francis Alison Society. the purpose of the Society shall be to promote academic excellence at the University of Delaware by providing an agency through which the membersof the Society may give advice and counsel or undertake activities for the benefit of the University of Delaware.

  1. Membership in the Society shall be composed of those members of the faculty of the University of Delaware who have received the Francis Alison Award.

  2. One member of the Society shall serve as Secretary to communicate and coordinate Society activities and to perform such other duties as the membership may require.

  3. Decisions of the Society shall be taken by a consensus of the members.

  4. Amendments to this Constitution shall be made by the written agreement of all the active members of the Society.

William I. Homer, 1980
John A. Munroe, 1981
Arthur B. Metzner, 1982
Gerard J. Mangone, 1983
Wayne Craven, 1984
Roberta Colman, 1985
Julio daCunha, 1986
John C. Kraft, 1987
Henry L. Shipman, 1988
Carroll E. Izard, 1989

A full listing of prior recipients of the Alison Society Faculty awards is available on the Faculty Excellence Awards website.

Dr. George Luther was honored with the award in 2006.


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