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Megan Cimino

Research Assistant

Meet me! 


Megan came to the ORB Lab in July 2010 after earning a B.S. in Marine Biology from California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo. Megan is interested in climate change, trophic interactions, remote sensing, polar environments and ecological modeling. Her dissertation involves studying the marine habitat structure of Antarctic and sub-Antarctic penguins. She aims to characterize penguin breeding habitats and understand the effects of a changing environment on the distribution of different penguin colonies in the past, present and future. She is also using two types of autonomous underwater vehicles to understand the spatiotemporal distribution of krill and penguin foraging ranges.


Cimino, M.A., M.A. Moline, W.R. Fraser, D.L. Patterson-Fraser, M.J. Oliver. 2016. Climate-driven sympatry may not lead to foraging competition between congeneric top predators. Scientific Reports 6, 18820.​

Cimino, M.A., W.R. Fraser, D.L. Patterson-Fraser, V.S. Saba and M.J. Oliver. 2014. Large-scale climate and local weather drive interannual variability in Adelie penguin chick fledging mass. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 513: 253-268. 

Cimino, M.A., W.R. Fraser, A.J. Irwin and M.J. Oliver. 2013. Satellite data identify decadal trends in the quality of Pygoscelis penguin chick-rearing habitat. Global Change Biology, 19(1): 136–148. 

Breece, M.W., M.J. Oliver, M.A. Cimino, D.A. Fox. 2013. Shifting Distributions of Adult Atlantic Sturgeon Amidst Post-Industrialization and Future Impacts in the Delaware River: a Maximum Entropy Approach. PLOS ONE, 8(11), e81321.



Ocean Exploration, Remote Sensing and Biogeography Laboratory

Antarctic Food Webs & Adelie Penguins

Develop and validate satellite-driven species distribution and abundance models for the West Antarctic Peninsula, focusing on Adelie penguins

Adélie penguins

Investigating the impact of local physical processes on Adélie penguin foraging ecology in Antarctica


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