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Andreas Muenchow


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I am a sea-going oceanographer interested in how physics of polar and coastal oceans impacts global climate. Current work focuses on flows in straits and fjords off Greenland and includes remote sensing. My teaching ranges from Time Series Analysis to Geophysical Fluid Dynamics.

Recent Expeditions:

2018 R/V Maria S. Meriam, 4 weeks, North-East Greenland;

2017 USCGC Healy, 4 weeks, Chukchi Sea;

2017 R/V Polarstern, 4 weeks, North-East Greenland;

2017 Thule Air Base, 6 weeks, North-West Greenland;

2016 Petermann Gletscher, 1 week, North-Greenland;

2016 R/V Sikuliaq, 4 weeks, Chukchi Sea.

Recent Papers (*student):

.pdf Muenchow, A., J. Schaffer, and T. Kanzow: "Ocean circulation connecting Fram Strait to glaciers off North-East Greenland: Mean flows, topographic Rossby waves, and their forcing," J. Phys. Oceanogr., in press, 2019.

.pdf *Washam, P., K. Nicholls, A. Muenchow, and L. Padman: "Summer surface melt thins Petermann Gletscher ice shelf by enhancing channelized basal melt," J. Glac., doi:10.1017/jog.2019.43, 2019.

.pdf *Washam, P., A. Muenchow, and K. Nicholls: "A decade of ocean changes impacting the ice shelf of Petermann Gletscher, Greenland," J. Phys. Oceanogr., 48, 2477-2493, 2018.

.pdf *Ryan, P. and A. Muenchow: "Sea ice draft observations in Nares Strait from 2003 to 2012," J. Geophys. Res. Oceans, 122, doi:10.1002/2016JC011966, 2017.

.pdf Muenchow, A., L. Padman, *P. Washam, and K. Nicholls: "The ice shelf of Petermann Gletscher, North Greenland, and its connection to the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans," Oceanography, 29 (4), 89-95, 2016.

.pdf Muenchow, A.: "Volume and freshwater flux Observations from Nares Strait to the west of Greenland from 2003 to 2009," Journal of Physical Oceanography, 46, 141-157, 2016.

.pdf Shroyer, E.L., R.M. Samelson, L. Padman, and A. Muenchow: "Modeled ocean circulation in Nares Strait and its dependence on landfast-ice cover," Journal of Geophysical Research Oceans, 120, doi:10.1002/2015JC011091, 2015.

.pdf Muenchow, A., K.K. Falkner, and H. Melling, 2015: "Baffin Island and West Greenland Current systems in northern Baffin Bay," Progress in Oceanography, 132, 305-317, 2015.

.pdf Muenchow, A., L. Padman, and H.A. Fricker, 2014: "Interannual changes of the floating ice shelf of Petermann Gletscher, North Greenland from 2000 to 2012," Journal of Glaciology, 60, doi:10.3189/2014JoG13J135, 2014. 


Last 5 Presentations:

.pdf"Ocean warming in Petermann Fjord, North Greenland," New Orleans, Ocean Sciences Meeting, Feb.-2016.

.pdf"Ocean observations from below Petermann Gletscher, Greenland," San Francisco, Fall AGU, Dec.-2015.

.pdf"North Greenland's Ice Shelves and Ocean Warming," San Francisco, Fall AGU, Dec.-2014.

.pdf: "Arctic Coastal Processes and Climate Change," Tromso, Norway, Dec.-2013.

.pdf "Observed volume and freshwater flux to the west of Greenland 2003-12," Bremerhaven, Germany, Jul.-2013.

 Last 5 Grants:

Blog: "Ocean Observations from below Petermann Glacier," National Aeronautics and Space Administration, 2015-16.

"Shelf Basin Acoustics, Noise, and Oceanography," Office of Naval Research, 2015-18.

Blog: "Shelf-Basin Exchange near 79 Glacier and Zachariae Isstrom, North-East Greenland," National Science Foundation, 2013-15.

Blog: "Acoustic Sensor Networks for Ice-Covered Seas," National Science Foundation, 2014-16.

Blog: "Dynamics and Forcing of Nares Strait from 2003 to 2009: Interannual Variability to the West of Greenland," National Science Foundation, 2010-14.


Ocean Weather Station on floating Petermann Gletscher, Greenland in August 2015. The station connects 5 ocean sensors to a surface meteorological station that relays hourly data via Iridium satellite communication to ows.udel.edu for public access. It is part of an ocean and glacier observering array of three stations established in collaboration with the British Antarctic Survey.

Petermann Gletscher mooring


Recovery of a University of Delaware ocean observing array from Nares Strait in Aug.-2012 that was established in Aug.-2003 in collaboration with the Canadian Institute of Ocean Sciences.

Nares Strait mooring recovery


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