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Matthew Breece

Post Doctoral Researcher


Prior to coming to the ORB Lab in the spring of 2012, Matt received a Bachelor's Degree in Biology and Economics from St. Mary's College of Maryland and a Master's in Natural Resources from Delaware State University. Matt's main research focus is determining the  occurrence and distribution of migratory animals (particularly fishes) in the coastal ocean and estuaries. For his dissertation Matt is utilizing acoustic telemetry combined with Autonomous Underwater Vehicles and Satellite Remote Sensing to determine the types of environments Atlantic Sturgeon prefer. Ultimately, Matt would like to create near-real time species distribution maps, that are publicly available, to assist in the management and conservation of species while also reducing the impact on fisheries and other industries that may potentially interact with sensitive species. 


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Poor, P. J., and M. W. Breece.  2006.  The Contingent Behavior of Charter Fishing Participants on the Chesapeake Bay: Welfare Estimates Associated with Water Quality Improvements. Journal of Environmental Planning and Management. 49-2:265-278. 






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