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Mahmoud Sherif

Research Assistant

Mahmoud Sherif is a PhD candidate in the Department of Geological Sciences. He works with Dr. Sturchio. His research focuses on investigating radionuclide impact on quality of fossil groundwater in the Middle East. He uses stable and radiogenic isotopes in order to characterize geological and hydrogeochemical processes in aquifer systems. He also uses isotopic abundances in order to model sedimentation rates in lakes and to date ancient groundwater.


Ph.D., Department of Geological Sciences, University of Delaware (Expected 2019)

M.S., Geology Department, Tanta University (2006-2011)

B.S., Geology Department, Tanta University (2002-2006)

Select Publications

Sherif, M.I., Sultan, M.I., Sturchio, N.C., 2019. Chlorine isotopes as tracers of solute origin and age of fossil groundwater from the Eastern Desert of Egypt. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, vol. 510, 37-44.

Sherif MI, Sturchio NC, 2018.  Radionuclide geochemistry of groundwater in the Eastern Desert, Egypt.  Applied Geochemistry 93, 69-80.

Corcoran, M., Sherif, M.I., Smalley, C., Li, A., Rockne, K., Giesy, J., Sturchio, N., 2018. Accumulation rates, focusing factors, and chronologies from depth profiles of 210Pb and 137Cs in sediments of the Laurentian Great Lakes. Journal of Great Lakes Research, vol. 44, 693-704.

Sherif, M.I., Lin, J., Poghosyan, A., Abouelmagd, A., Sultan, M.I., Sturchio, N.C., 2018. Geological and hydrogeochemical controls on radium isotopes in groundwater of the Sinai Peninsula, Egypt. Science of the Total Environment, vol. 613-614, 877-885.

Sherif, M.I., Ghoneim, M.F., Heikal, M.Th., and El-Dousky, B.T., 2013. Petrogenesis of Granites, Sharm El-Sheikh Area, South Sinai, Egypt: Petrological Constrains and Tectonic Evolution. Mineralogy and Petrology, vol. 107, 765-783.

Al-Sharkawy, A., Heikal, M.Th., Sherif, M.I., and Badran, H.M., 2012. Environmental Assessment of Gamma Radiation Levels in Stream Sediments around Sharm El-Sheikh, South Sinai, Egypt. Journal of Environmental Radioactivity, vol. 112, 76–82.




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