Environmental Isotope Geochemistry Lab

The Environmental Isotope Geochemistry Laboratory (EIGL) is housed in the Department of Geological Sciences at the University of Delaware (UD).  It is directed by Prof. Neil Sturchio (PI of this proposal) and staffed by a full-time Laboratory Manager (Linnea Heraty).  The EIGL occupies two separate laboratory spaces, one (~1,000 sq ft) in the Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Laboratory and one (~500 sq ft) in Penny Hall on the Newark campus of UD.


  • Thermo-Fisher Delta V Plus isotope-ratio mass spectrometer; Conflo-IV reference interface; Trace GC 1310 having PTV injector; ISQ II LT GC/qMS; GC Isolink II combustion/thermal conversion preparation device; TriPlus autosampler.

  • Thermo-Finnigan DeltaPlus XL isotope-ratio mass spectrometer with dual-inlet and multiple continuous-flow inlet systems [Carlo-Erba NCS-2500 elemental analyzer; Gas Bench® automated gas handling system; Conflo-III gas chromatograph-combustion interface with HP 6890 gas chromatograph; LEAP CombiPal autosampler; and custom-built system for continuous-flow purification and stable isotopic analysis of Cl as CH3Cl.

  • Stand-alone HP 5890 gas chromatograph with FID and ECD detectors

  • Four high-purity Ge detector systems for gamma spectrometry: a Canberra reverse-electrode intrinsic Ge detector system (34% relative efficiency at 1.33 MeV); an ORTEC model GEM-115220-P-S detector (122% relative efficiency at 1.33 MeV; and two new ORTEC well-geometry Ge detector systems (15-mm well diameter, 25% relative efficiency at 1.33 MeV). All gamma detectors are housed in low-background 10-cm lead shields; have ORTEC DSPEC series digital signal analyzers interfaced with the Maestro-2000 multichannel analyzer software package for data acquisition.

  • A low-background, six-detector Canberra Alpha Analyst system (~1 background count per day per alpha peak from 3 to 8 MeV) interfaced via Ethernet link with a PC for acquisition and analysis of alpha spectrometry data.  Energy and efficiency calibrations are done using U and Th electrodeposited from NIST standard solutions onto polished stainless steel disks.

  • General wet chemistry laboratories equipped with multiple fume hoods, furnaces, ovens, balances, centrifuges, various glass and Teflon labware, ultrapure deionized water systems, and vacuum manifolds for sample preparation.

Analytical services are provided for internal and external clients using published methods developed by our laboratory for measuring the isotopic compositions of a variety of compounds including perchlorate, RDX, and chlorinated organics.  For further information, contact Prof. Neil Sturchio (Sturchio@udel.edu).

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