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Sturchio Publications

Select publications by Dr. Neil Sturchio, Professor and Chair of Geological Sciences. For a more complete list, see Google Scholar

Callagon E, Fenter P, Nagy KL, Sturchio NC, 2014.  Incorporation of Pb at the calcite (104) – water interface.  Environmental Science and Technology 48, 9263-9269.

Poghosyan A, Sturchio NC, Morrison CG, Beloso AD Jr, Guan Y, Eiler JM, Jackson WA, Hatzinger PB, 2014.  Perchlorate in the Great Lakes: Isotopic composition and origin.   Environmental Science and Technology 48, 11146-11153.

Fenter P, Zapol P, He H, Sturchio NC, 2014.  On the variation of dissolution rates at the orthoclase (001) surface with pH and temperature.  Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 141, 598-611.

Abouelmagd A, Sultan M, Sturchio NC, Soliman F, Rashed M, Ahmed M, Kehew AE, Milewski A, Chouinard K, 2014. Paleoclimate record in the Nubian Sandstone Aquifer, Sinai Peninsula, Egypt.  Quaternary Research 81, 158-167.

Sturchio NC, Beloso AD, Jr., Heraty LJ, Wheatcraft S, Schumer R, 2014.  Isotopic tracing of groundwater perchlorate sources in Pomona, California.  Applied Geochemistry 43, 80-87.

Sturchio NC, Kuhlman KL, Yokochi R, Probst PC, Jiang W, Lu Z-T, Mueller P, Yang G-M, 2014.  Krypton-81 transport in the Culebra Dolomite aquifer near the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant, New Mexico.  Journal of Contaminant Hydrology 160, 12-20.

Yokochi R, Sturchio NC, Purtschert R, Jiang W, Yang G-M, Mueller P, Lu Z-T, Kennedy BM,  Kharaka Y, 2013.  Noble gas radionuclides in Yellowstone geothermal gas emissions: A reconnaissance.  Chemical Geology 339, 43-51.

Sturchio NC, Hoaglund JR III, Marroquin RJ, Beloso AD, Heraty LJ, Bortz SE, Patterson TL, 2012. Isotopic mapping of groundwater perchlorate plumes.  Ground Water 50, 94-102.

Fenter P, Sturchio NC, 2012.  Calcite (104) – water interface structure, revisited.  Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 97, 58-69.

Yokochi R, Sturchio NC, and Purtschert R, 2012.  Determination of crustal fluid residence times using nucleogenic 39Ar.  Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 88, 19-26.


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