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Ullman Selected Publications

Heiss*, J.W., W.J. Ullman, and H.A. Michael, 2013. Wave Swash-Induced Infiltration and Water Table Dynamics in Sandy Beach Aquifers. Journal of Geophysical Research – Oceans (in revision)

Dzwonkowski*, B., K.-C. Wong, and W.J. Ullman, 2013.  Water level and velocity characteristics of a salt marsh channel in the Murderkill estuary, Delaware.  Journal of Coastal Research (in press)

Volk*, J.A., J.R. Scudlark, K.B. Savidge, A.S. Andres, R.J. Stenger, and W. J. Ullman, 2011.  Intra- and inter-annual trends in phosphorus loads and comparison with nitrogen loads to Rehoboth Bay, Delaware.  Estuarine, Coastal, and Shelf Science (96:139-150; DOI 10.1016/j.ecss.2011.10.023)

Kasper*, J.W., J.M. Denver, T.E. McKenna, and W.J. Ullman, 2010. Simulated source-area dynamics of a stream incising an unconfined sand aquifer, Hydrogeology Journal 18:1855-1866.

Wong, K.-C., B. Dzwonkowski*, and W.J. Ullman, 2009. The temporal and spatial variability of sea level and volume flux in the Murderkill River estuary. Estuarine, Coastal, and Shelf Science 84:440-446.

Hays*, R.L., and W.J. Ullman, 2007.  Dissolved nutrient fluxes through a sandy estuarine beachface (Cape Henlopen, Delaware, USA): Contributions from upland groundwater, seawater, and diagenesis. Estuaries and Coasts 30:710-724

Hays*, R.L., and W.J. Ullman, 2007.  Direct determination of total and fresh groundwater discharge and nutrient loads from a sandy beachface (Cape Henlopen, Delaware, USA). Limnology and Oceanography 52:240-247.

Volk*, J.A., K.B. Savidge, J.R. Scudlark, A.S. Andres, and W.J. Ullman, 2006.  Nitrogen loads through baseflow, stormflow, and underflow form the watershed to Rehoboth Bay, Delaware.  Journal of Environmental Quality 35:1742-1755 (doi:10.2134/jeq2005.0373)

Scudlark, J.R., J.A. Jennings*, M.J. Roadman*, K.B. Savidge, and  W.J. Ullman, 2005.  Atmospheric nitrogen inputs to the Delaware Inland Bays:  The role of ammonia.  Environmental Pollution 135:433-443.

Miller, D.C., and W.J. Ullman, 2004.  Ecological consequences of estuarine groundwater discharge at Cape Henlopen, Delaware Bay, U.S.A.  Ground Water 42:959-970.

Roadman*, M.J., J.R. Scudlark, J.J. Meisinger and W.J. Ullman, 2003.  Validation of Ogawa passive samplers for the determination of gaseous ammonia concentrations in agricultural settings.  Atmospheric Environment 37:2317-2325.

Ullman, W.J., B. Chang*, D.C. Miller and J.A. Madsen, 2003. Groundwater mixing, nutrient diagenesis, and discharges across a sandy beachface, Cape Henlopen, Delaware (USA). Estuarine, Coastal, and Shelf Science 57:539-55

Ullman, W.J. and S.A. Welch*, 2002.  Weathering:  Mineral Dissolution and Microbial Metabolism. In: G. Bitton, Ed.  The Encyclopedia of Environmental Microbiology, John Wiley and Sons.  3375-3389

Ullman, W.J. and S.A. Welch*, 2002.  Organic Ligands and Feldspar  Dissolution.  In:   R. Hellmann and S.A. Wood, Eds. Water-Rock Interactions, Ore Deposits, and Environmental Geochemistry: A Tribute to David A. Crerar.  Geochemical Society Special Publication Number 7, 3-35

Ullman, W.J., K.C. Wong, J.A. Madsen, J.R. Scudlark, D.E. Krantz, A.S. Andres, and T.E. McKenna, 2001. Nutrient Transport and Cycling in an Agriculturally Impacted Coastal Watershed:  Multidisciplinary Approaches to Interdisciplinary Environmental Problems.  Proceedings of the 5th annual Environmental Engineering Research Event (20 – 23 November 2001, Noosa North Shore Retreat, Queensland).  Flinders University of South Australia, Adelaide.  10 pages. (Extended Abstract)

Lamontagne, S. A., Herczeg, F. Leaney, J. Dighton, J. Pritchard, and W.J. Ullman, 2001. Nitrogen attenuation by stream riparian zones: Prospects for Australian landscapes.  Proceedings of 8th Murray Darling Basin Groundwater Workshop, (4-6 September 2001, Victor Harbor, South Australia), Murray Darling Basin Commission 6 pages.  (Extended Abstract)

Lemire, R.J., J. Fuger, H. Nitsche, P. Potter, M.H. Rand, J. Rydberg, K. Spahiu, J.C. Sullivan, W.J. Ullman, P. Vitorge, and H. Wanner, 2001.  Chemical Thermodynamics of Neptunium and Plutonium.  Elsevier, Amsterdam. 845 pages

Welch*, S.A. and W.J. Ullman, 2000.  The temperature dependence of bytownite feldspar dissolution in neutral aqueous solutions of inorganic and organic ligands at low temperature (5–35°C). Chemical Geology 167:337-354

Welch*, S.A. and W.J. Ullman, 1999.  The effect of microbial glucose metabolism on bytownite feldspar dissolution rates between 5 and 35oC.  Geochmica et Cosmchimica Acta 63:3247-3259

Rogers, J.R., P.C. Bennett, and W.J. Ullman, 1998, Biochemical release of a limiting nutrient from feldspars.  Proceedings of the V.M. Goldschmidt Conference 1998 (Toulouse, France).  Mineralogical Magazine 62A:1283-1284. (Extended Abstract)

Welch*, S.A. and W.J. Ullman, 1998.  Competitive adsorption at surface aluminum sites: An approach to determining feldspar dissolution rates in mixed proton/ligand systems.  Proceedings of the V.M. Goldschmidt Conference 1998 (Toulouse, France).  Mineralogical Magazine 62A:1559-1560. Extended Abstract)

Ullman, W.J., D.L. Kirchman, S.A. Welch*, and P. Vandevivere*.  1996.  Laboratory evidence for microbially mediated silicate mineral dissolution in nature.  Chemical Geology 132:11-17. (Invited Review

Welch*, S.A., and W.J. Ullman.  1996.  Feldspar dissolution in acidic and organic acid solutions:  Compositional and pH dependence of dissolution rate.  Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 60:2939-2948

Abdelouas, A., J.L. Crovisier, W. Lutze, W.J. Ullman, and F. Risacher.  1995.  Occurrence of silhydrite in a soda lake on the Bolivian Altiplano.  Clay Minerals 30:77-82

Ullman, W.J.  1995.  The fate and accumulation of bromide during playa salt deposition:  An example from Lake Frome, South Australia.  Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 59:2175-2186

Vandevivere*, P., S.A. Welch*, W.J. Ullman and D.L. Kirchman.  1994.  Enhanced dissolution of silicate minerals by bacteria at near-neutral pH.  Microbial Ecology 27:241-251

Ullman, W.J., and K.D. Collerson.  1994.  The Sr-isotope record of late-Quaternary hydrologic changes around Lake Frome, South Australia.  Australian Journal of Earth Sciences 41:37-45.

Welch*, S.A. and W.J. Ullman.  1993.  The effect of organic acids on plagioclase dissolution rates and stoichiometry.  Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 57:2725-2736

Welch*, S.A., and W.J. Ullman.  1992.  Dissolution of feldspars in oxalic acid solutions.  In Y.K. Kharaka and A. S. Maest, Eds, Proceedings of the 7th Water Rock Interaction Meeting, Park City Utah (13- 18 July 1992), A.A. Balkema, Rotterdam. pp. 127-130. (Extended Abstract  )

Skrabal*, S.A., W.J. Ullman, and G.W. Luther, III.  1992.  Estuarine distributions of dissolved titanium:  comparisons with iron and silica.  Marine Chemistry 37:83-103

De Lange, G.J., J.J. Middleburg, P. Van Gass, W.J. Ullman, G. Catalano, J.R.W. Woittiez, N.A.I.M. Boelrijk, and G.P. Klinkhammer.  1990.  Sulphate-related equilibria in the hypersaline brines of Tyro and Bannock basins, eastern Mediterranean.  Marine Chemistry 31:89-112

Ullman, W.J., G.W. Luther, III, G.J. de Lange, and J.R.W. Woittiez.  1990.  Iodine chemistry in deep anoxic basins and overlying waters of the Mediterranean Sea.  Marine Chemistry  31:153-170

Ullman, W. J. and R. C. Aller.  1989.  Nutrient release rates in sediments from Saginaw Bay, Lake Huron.  Hydrobiologia  171:127-140

Torgersen, T., J. Luly, P. De Deckker, M. R. Jones, D. E. Searle, A.R. Chivas, and W. J. Ullman.  1988.  Late Quaternary environments of the Carpentaria Basin, Australia.  Paleogeography, Paleoclimatology, and Paleoecology 67:245-261

Mackin, J. E., R. C. Aller, and W. J. Ullman.  1988.  The effects of iron reduction and transient state diagenesis on iodine, ammonium, and boron distributions in sediments from the Amazon Continental Shelf.  Continental Shelf Research 8:363-386

Luther, G. W., III, C. B. Swartz, and W. J. Ullman.  1988.  Direct determination of iodide in seawater by cathodic stripping square wave voltammetry. Analytical Chemistry 60:1721-1724

Ullman, W. J., G. W. Luther, III, R. C. Aller, and J. E. Mackin.  1988.  Dissolved iodine behavior in estuaries along the east coast of the United States.  Marine Chemistry 25:95-106

Collerson, K. D., W. J. Ullman, and T. Torgersen.  1988.  Groundwaters with unradiogenic 87Sr/86Sr ratios from the Great Artesian Basin, Australia.  Geology 16:59-63

Ullman, W. J. and F. Schreiner.  1988.  Calorimetric determination of the enthalpies of the carbonate complexes of U(VI), Np(VI), and Pu(VI) in aqueous solution at 25°C.  Radiochimica Acta 43:37-44

Ullman, W. J. and M. W. Sandstrom.  1987.  Dissolved nutrient fluxes from nearshore sediments of Bowling Green Bay, central Great Barrier Reef Lagoon (Australia).  Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 24:289-303

Ullman, W. J. and F. Schreiner.  1986.  Calorimetric determination of the enthalpies of U(VI)-, Np(VI)-, and Pu(VI)-SO4-2 complexes in aqueous solution at 25°C.  Radiochimica Acta 40:179-183

Ullman, W. J. and L. C. McLeod*.  1986.  The late-Quaternary salinity record from Lake Frome, South Australia: Evidence from Na+ found in strati­graphically-preserved gypsum.  Paleogeography, Palaeoclimatology and Palaeoecology 54:153-170

McLeod*, L. C., R. Rudowski, and W. J. Ullman.  1985.  Pure gypsum separates from "dirty" evaporites.  Journal of  Sedimentary Petrology 55:596-597

Ullman, W. J.  1985.  Evaporation rate from a salt pan: estimates from chemical profiles in near-surface groundwaters.  Journal of Hydrology 79:365-373

Torgersen, T., M. R. Jones, A. W. Stephens, D. E. Searle, and W. J. Ullman.  1985.  Late Quaternary hydrologic changes in the Gulf of Carpentaria.  Nature 313:785-787

Ullman, W. J. and R. C. Aller.  1985.  The geochemistry of iodine in nearshore carbonate sediments.  Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 49:967-978

Aller, R. C., J. E. Mackin, W. J. Ullman, C.-H. Wang, S.-H. Tsai, J.-C., Jiang, Y.-N. Siu, and J.-Z. Hong.  1985.  Early chemical diagenesis, sediment-water solute exchange, and storage of reactive organic matter near the mouth of the Chang Jiang, East China Sea.  Continental Shelf Research 4:227-251

Aller, R. C., J. E. Mackin, W. J. Ullman, C.-H. Wang, S.-H. Cai, J.-C. Jiang, Y.-N. Siu, and J.-Z. Hong.  1983.  Early chemical diagenesis and sediment-water solute exchange in the East-China Sea, in Proceedings of a Conference on Sedimentation on the Continental Shelf, with Special Reference to the East China Sea, Hangzhou, People's Republic of China, April 12-16, 1983.  China Ocean Press, Beijing - Springer Verlag, New York, pp. 777-794

Aller, R. C., J. Y. Yingst, and W. J. Ullman.  1983.  Comparative biogeochem­istry of water in intertidal Onuphis (polychaeta) and Upogebia (crustacea) burrows: temporal patterns and causes.  Journal of Marine Research 41:571-604

Ullman, W. J. and G. T. Tisue.  1983.  Determination of bromine and iodine in U.S.G.S.  Standard Marine Mud (MAG-1).  Geostandards Newsletter 7:289-290

Ullman, W. J. and R. C. Aller.  1983.  Iodine remineralization in terrigenous nearshore sediments.  Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 47:1423-1432

Ullman, W. J., and R. C. Aller.  1982.  Diffusion coefficients in nearshore marine sediments.  Limnology and Oceanography 27:552-556

Ullman, W. J. and R. C. Aller.  1980.  Dissolved iodine flux from estuarine sediments and implications for the enrichment of iodine at the sediment water interface.  Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 44:1177-1184

Rhoads, D. C., J. Y. Yingst, and W. J. Ullman.  1978.  Seafloor stability in central Long Island Sound:  Part 1.  Temporal changes in erodibility of fine-grained sediments, in M. Wiley, Ed., Estuarine Interactions, Academic Press, New York, pp. 221-224

(* Work of Student or Postdoctoral Fellow in Research Group)



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