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Weiwei Zhang's Publications

Zhang, W., A numerical study of the convection, restratification and other mesoscale processes in the Labrador Sea and their impact on the Subpolar North Atlantic Warming, PhD dissertation in preparation.

Zhang, W., X.-H. Yan, Variability of eddy kinetic energy in the Labrador Sea in recent two decades and potential impact on the central Labrador Sea convections, in preparation.

Zhang, W., X.-H. Yan, The numerical impact of high frequency forcing on the deep convection in the Labrador Sea, Ocean Modelling, in preparation.

Zhang, W., X.-H. Yan, F. Li, The paradox of accelerating Arctic sea ice melting despite recent climate hiatus, Geophysical Research Letters, in revision.

Zhang, W., X.-H. Yan, Lateral heat exchange after the Labrador Sea deep convection in 2008, Journal of Physical Oceanography, doi: 10.1175/JPO-D-13-0198.1.

Zhang, W., W.H. Qian, Y.-S. Ho, A bibliometric analysis of research related to ocean circulation, Scientometrics, 80, No.2, 307-318, 2009.

Qian, W.H., W. Zhang, Changes in cold wave events and warm winter in China during the last 46 years, Chinese Journal of Atmospheric Sciences, 31, 1266-1278, 2007.

Qian, W.H., J.L. Fu, W. Zhang, X Lin, Changes in mean climate and extreme climate in China during the last 40 years, Advances in Earth Sciences, 22, No.7, 673-684, 2007.

Zhang, W., W.H. Qian, Probability analysis of China's Daily surface wind maximum in recent 40 years. Application of statistics and management, 24, 264-267, 2005.

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