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Our research often requires collaborative and multidisciplinary approaches to solve complex problems in areas that span earth, ocean, and environmental topics. 

  • Researchers at CEOE study ecosystem changes as well as societal impacts on the environment.

  • Environmental technology topics explored by CEOE researchers include land-based and underwater monitoring networks and underwater acoustics/digital signal processing.

  • CEOE has research initiatives aimed at coastal and offshore wind, marine biofuels, and electric vehicles.


Our researchers tackle complex environmental challenges by applying the latest technological advances to ocean, earth, and atmospheric research and education. Marking a new age of environmental research, we are using high-tech satellite images, surface and underwater sensors, and complex computer models to help enhance climate predictions, identify and mitigate pollution, improve resource management, and make marine transportation safer and more efficient. Our scientists and policy specialists also are using innovative tools to better understand our valuable biological resources, investigate their populations, life histories and habitats, and determine the different natural and human factors affecting their survival. 

Follow us with our interactive Worldwide Research Map or learn more about our research centers.

Powder River Floodplain

Anatomy and Dynamics of a Floodplain, Powder River, Montana

Monitoring Bank Erosion Using Tripod Mounted LiDAR

Tripod mounted LiDAR can survey millions of points in a 100 m reach in minutes ...

Why Rivers Flood

Overbank Flows are Swallowed by Channel Widening in a Laboratory Flume

South River Bank Erosion

Quantifying Riverbank Erosion On the South River, Virginia, and its Importance in Assessing Mercury Contamination

Demise of Colonial Mill Dams Linked to Increased Rates of River Bank Erosion, South River, Virginia

ncreased mid-20th century bank erosion rates related to the demise of mill dams

Downstream Effects of Dams

Channel morphology downstream of 11 run-of-the-river dams in Pennsylvania and Maryland


CEOE School & Departments

School of Marine Science & Policy

Advancing the understanding, stewardship, and conservation of estuarine, coastal, and ocean environments.

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Department of Geological Sciences

Discovering how geological processes have operated over various time scales to create and influence the planet’s surface environments.

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Department of Geography

Investigating the interactions between people and the environment and the processes that explain the location of human and natural phenomena.

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