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The following UD faculty, post-docs, and research scientists work on wind power research. The brief descriptions after each name are for the wind power related expertise. See their home page (linked) for additional research and teaching areas.

Wind Policy

James J. Corbett (Professor, Marine Policy, and Professor, Civil/Environmental Engineering, College of Engineering) Research areas include: Ports and vessel logistics, and potential conflicts between offshore wind siting and shipping interests. (Email)

Jeremy Firestone (Professor, Marine Policy; Professor of Legal Studies, and Director, Center for Carbon-free Power Integration) Research areas include: Permitting of offshore wind and transmission, electricity law/policy, large scale implementation through marine spatial planning, environmental constraints on offshore wind development, and social acceptance of wind power. (Email)

Meryl Gardner (Associate Professor of Marketing, Lerner College of Business and Economics) Research areas include: viewing marketing opportunities through a consumer psychology lens, with a focus on the influence of emotion on consumer behavior and the role of marketing in socially positive behavior change. (Email)

Willett Kempton (Professor, Marine Policy; Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering; and Research Director, Center for Carbon-free Power Integration) Research areas include: Integrated system design, resource assessment, large scale implementation, electricity policy, and electric vehicle for grid power storage technology (Email)

George Parsons (Professor, Marine Policy and Associate Director, School of Marine Science and Policy) Research areas include: Valuation of beach use, shore birds, electric vehicles and V2G, and offshore wind power’s visual impact on beach recreation and tourism. (Email)

Bonnie Ram (Senior Research Scientist and Associate Director, CCPI). Research areas include: public engagement, siting strategies, environmental risk, and technology and installation options. (Email). On leave, 2014-2015 at DTU.

Helen Bowers (Associate Professor of Finance, Lerner College of Business and Economics). Research areas include: corporate finance and valuation, development of financial markets and specialized financial instruments, capital formation, and valuation and the structure of project finance in the renewable energy sector. (Email)

Jens Schubert (Assistant Professor of Economics, Lerner College of Business and Economics). Research areas include: environmental economics, energy economics, industrial organization, and behavioral and financial economics. (Email)

Wind Science

Cristina L. Archer (Associate Professor, Physical Ocean Science and Engineering and Associate Professor, Department of Geography) Research areas include: Meteorology, climate change, air quality, renewable energy, wind power, wind turbine wakes, numerical modeling of atmospheric processes, impacts of offshore wind turbines on winds and storm surges during hurricanes (Email)

Jeffrey Buler (Assistant Professor, Department of Entomology and Wildlife Ecology): Research areas include: avian movement, behavior and ecology during migratory stopover, modelling wildlife species distribution, assessment of post construction wind turbine impacts to birds and bats. (Email)

Stephen Dexter (Professor, Marine Biosciences) Research areas include: Durability of wind turbine materials, marine and bio-corrosion of wind power systems. (Email)

Niranjan Ghaisas (Post-doc with Dr. Archer’s group, Physical Ocean Science and Engineering). Research areas include: wind turbine wake interactions and the effects of turbine layout in large wind farms; direct and large eddy simulations, and sub-grid scale modeling for buoyancy-driven and stratified flows.

John Madsen (Associate Professor, Department of Geological Sciences and Coordinator of Educational Programs, Center for Carbon-free Power Integration) Research areas include: Coastal and Estuarine Geophysics, Geotechnical Aspects of Offshore Wind Facilities, Earth Science Education in Elementary and Middle Schools (Email)

Matthew Oliver (Associate Professor, Patricia & Charles Robertson Professor of Marine Science & Policy). Research areas include: ocean observing, ocean biogeography, polar ecosystems, coastal ecosystems, remote sensing, phytoplankton, and bioluminescence and evolution. (Email)

Arthur Trembanis (Associate Professor, Department of Geological Sciences). Research areas include: observation and modeling of coastal morphodynamics, the morphological interplay of hydrodynamics with sediment and seabed features, beach morphology and nourishment practices, decadal-scale coastal behavior, barrier island morphology and storm response, scour processes, oceanographic observing systems, and the use and development of autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs). (Email)

Gregory Shriver (Associate Professor, Department of Entomology and Wildlife Ecology) Research areas include: Avian ecology, restoration, monitoring and conservation, assessment of post construction wind turbine impacts to birds and bats. (Email)

Dana E. Veron (Associate Professor, Department of Geography and Associate Professor, Physical Ocean Science and Engineering) Research areas include: Climate change, offshore wind resource assessment, sea breeze circulation, land surface-atmospheric interactions, cloud-aerosol-radiation interactions, Arctic energy balance, surface optical properties. (Email)

Wind Engineering

Suesh G. Advani (George W. Laird Professor and Chair, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Associate Director, Center for Composite Materials) Research areas include: Wind blade manufacturing sequence, composites, and fuel cells. (Email)

David L. Burris (Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Associate Professor, Biomedical Engineering) Research areas include: Materials tribology; wind turbine drivetrain reliability, energy conservation via design and synthesis of novel low-friction tribomaterials, biomedical engineering, composite materials, and nanotechnology. (Email)

Keith Goossen (Associate Professor, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering) Research areas include: Electrical engineering for wind engineers, solar rooftop efficiency, electric power line transient capture and analysis for load and fault determination. (Email)

Ajay Prasad (Alumni Distinguished Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Director, Center for Fuel Cell Research) Research areas include: Optimal lateral and longitudinal spacing of wind turbines in an off-shore array, use of a wind turbine laboratory module for teaching mechanical engineering to engineering freshmen (Email)

Leonard W. Schwartz (Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Mathematical Sciences) Research areas includes: theoretical study of the arrangement of wind turbines to maximize turbine density on given plot of land; pairing clockwise and counterclockwise turbines to effect wake cancellation of disturbances; and possible mounting of a camera near root of rotating blade to directly measure blade shape deflections during rotation. (Email)

Helga Huntley

Tracking ocean pollution

Uncovering new clues about how oil, other pollutants move in ocean
Asia Dowtin

Stemflow study

Investigating how rainwater travels in urban forests
horseshoe crab

Horseshoe Crabs and Artificial Bait

We are working to identify chemoattractants in horseshoe crabs and produce an artificial bait, reducing the reliance on horseshoe crabs in the eel and conch fisheries.

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