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Earlier Public Engagement

In addition to research and graduate (and undergraduate) education, CCPI is actively engaged in the dissemination of knowledge to society at large and in sharing its expertise with policymakers and regulators as the following ten activities attest.

United States’ Country Report to the International Energy Agency’s Social Acceptance of Wind Energy Projects: “Winning Hearts and Minds” State of the Art Report (Firestone, J, contributing author), 2010
Firestone was a contributing author to the IEA’s country report on the United States: Social Acceptance of Wind Energy Projects: “Winning Hearts and Minds” State of the Art Report (May 2010). The report collects and disseminates present knowledge on how to improve acceptance of wind energy projects. Firestone’s contribution drew on CCPI public perception and preference research.

Comment on DOE RFI regarding Offshore Wind Demonstration Projects, 2010
Kempton and Firestone commented on the DOE’s Request for Information (RFI) regarding Offshore Wind demonstration projects, suggesting guidelines, principles and criteria that DOE should use when evaluating proposals for demonstration projects. They noted that given that DOE recently committed funds to large blade and dynamometer testing, what the US most lacks is a facility to test new turbine designs in North American ocean conditions, which differ from those in the North Sea.

IPCC's Special Report on Renewable Energy (SRREN), 2010
Kempton was requested by US Government, DOE, as reviewer for this IPCC report. Review comments were coordinated by Dr. Robert C. Marlay, Director, US Climate Change Technology Program Office, UD DOE. July 2010.

Review of NREL report on Offshore Wind Energy, 2010
The CCPI researchers were asked to review and provide expert comment on a pre-publication draft of NREL’s report on Offshore Wind Power in the United States: Assessment of Opportunities and Barriers (September 2010) prepared by Walt Musial and Bonnie Ram. The report summarizes the current state of the US offshore wind industry and opportunities for growth, and highlights, among other themes, economic aspects, regulatory pathways for permitting, and environmental and social risks of offshore wind.

Comments to NOAA on Interstate Consistency under the Coastal Zone Management Act and the Review of Offshore Wind Projects, 2010
In October, 2010, Delaware submitted a request to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to amend its state Coastal Zone Management Act (CZMA) program to require certification of offshore wind power projects in waters off of the Delmarva Peninsula and Southern New Jersey. Although NOAA ultimately approved most the requested changes, it agreed with Firestone that an adequate showing regarding the effect of actions off of Virginia had not been made.

Interagency Task Force on Offshore Wind, State of Delaware, 2009-2011
Kempton was requested to join this Delaware Interagency Task Force and provide expertise on the technology and the industry. The Task Force developed strategies for attracting wind turbine manufacturing and other wind industry business to the state of Delaware.

Invited Testimony before Maryland Senate Finance Committee, regarding SB 861, Maryland Offshore Wind Energy Act, 2011
Governor O’Malley proposed a bill to set up a Power Purchase Agreement to purchase offshore wind. The Governor’s administrative agencies presented their proposed legislation, and Kempton was invited to testify. The hearing was heavily attended, with representation by wind industries, labor, environmentalists, and consumer advocates.

Comment on the proposed US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) rule to establish a Nationwide Permit for offshore wind power pilot projects, 2011
Firestone and Kempton and CCPI research assistants Alison Bates, Dawn Kurtz Crompton and Bruce Williams submitted a comment on the proposed US Army Corps rule to establish a nationwide permit (NWP) for pilot water-based renewable energy projects, including offshore wind power projects. While supporting the proposed rule, CCPI argued that “pilot” projects be limited to those that “advance the state of knowledge, in areas such as turbine design, deployment or operations, minimization of environmental impacts associated with deployment and operation, reliability in field operations, etc.”

Comment on Senate Whitepaper on Clean Energy Standard (CES), 2011
Firestone and graduate research assistants Dawn Kurtz Crompton and Heather Thompson submitted comments on the Senate Whitepaper on national Clean Energy Standard (CES). They suggested that Congress limit the CES to renewable resources to avoid frustrating well-considered state renewable portfolio standards. To the extent other technologies are included, they should only receive discounted credit based on their life-cycle environmental and human health impacts. Although a national CES will facilitate offshore wind development, for the technology to reach its full potential, Congress should employ fiscal and tax policy in the near-term and recognize the differences between offshore wind and offshore oil and gas.

University Collaboration on Wind Energy, White Paper, 2011
Firestone was invited to attend a workshop to plan for a University Collaboration on Wind Energy, held on December 6–7, 2010, at Cornell University. The resulting White Paper proposes the creation of a world-class national research and development program that would enable US industry to develop onshore and offshore wind energy at large scales.

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