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Geography Faculty and Research Interests

Saleem Ali (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2000) environmental planning, conflict resolution, sustainability, industrial ecology, environmental security.

Cristina L. Archer (Stanford University, 2004) Renewable energy; wind power; meteorology; climate change; air quality; numerical modeling of atmospheric processes.

Tracy DeLiberty (University of Oklahoma, 1993) Climatology; geographic information systems; remote sensing.

Jing Gao (University of Wisconsin - Madison, 2013) geospatial data science, machine learning, human dimensions of climate change, urban land change, spatial population, uncertainty analysis and modeling. 

Cathleen Geiger (Dartmouth College, 1996) Sea ice surface processes and climate; non-rigid motion analysis; data analysis and computer visualization.

Brian Hanson (University of Minnesota, 1985) Climate dynamics; glaciology.

Paul S. B. Jackson (University of Toronto, 2011) Political ecology; urban geography; health geography; science and technology studies; environmental politics; historical geography.

Daniel J. Leathers (The Pennsylvania State University, 1988) Snowfall and snow cover; water resource research; land surface changes and effects on regional climates; environmental monitoring; environmental policy; natural resource management.

David R. Legates (University of Delaware, 1988) Hydroclimatology; precipitation and climate change; computational methods.

Delphis F. Levia (Clark University, 2000) Ecohydrology; biosphere-atmosphere interactions; biogeochemistry; field methods and instrumentation.

Pinki Mondal (University of Florida, 2011) Remote sensing; GIS; environmental geography; land cover and land use change, agriculture, food security, climate impact.

Lindsay Naylor (University of Oregon, 2014) Food and agriculture; critical and feminist geopolitics; economic development; Latin America.

Sara Rauscher (University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2004) Regional climate science; regional climate change and variability; dynamical downscaling methods.

April R. Veness (University of Minnesota, 1984) Urban/social geography; minority problems and places; geographic thought.

Dana E. Veron (Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California, San Diego, 2000) Climate change; offshore wind resource assessment; sea breeze circulation; land surface-atmospheric interactions; cloud-aerosol-radiation interactions; Arctic energy balance; surface radiative properties.

Joint Faculty

John Byrne

Holly Michael

Matthew J. Oliver

Mike O’Neal

Jim Pizzuto

Andrea Sarzynski

Tony Seraphin

Rodrigo Vargas

Jerry Kauffman

Emeritus Faculty

Edmunds Bunkse

Frederick E. Nelson (University of Michigan, 1982) Permafrost; periglacial, and climatic geomorphology; spatial analysis; history of cryospheric research and American geography.

Thomas Meierding

Peter W. Rees (University of California, Berkeley, 1971) Urban geography; historical-economic geography; Latin America; geographic education.

Yda Schreuder (University of Wisconsin, 1982) Global resources, development and the environment; sustainable development; global climate change policies; international migration.

Cort J. Willmott (University of California, Los Angeles, 1977) Climatology; quantitative methods.

Affiliated Faculty

Robert Scarborough

Nikolay Shiklomanov

Naomi Bates

Elsa Nickl

Afton Clarke-Sather

Nancy Boyer

Adjunct Faculty

Terri Lavin

Gerri Miller

Mary Schorse

William Cohen


Kevin Brinson, Director, DEOS 

Christina Callahan, Associate Director, DEMAC

Jill Ciabottani, Administrative Assistant

Christopher Hughes, Applications Developer, DEOS

David Huntley, Meteorological Technician, DEOS 

Kenji Matsuura, Programmer/ Analyst 

Kaci Middlemas, Business Administrator

Sandy Raymond, Administrative Assistant II

Matthew Shatley, Computer Research Specialist

James Simkins, Applications Programmer 


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