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Hydro Group

Interested in Hydrogeology at UD? Contact us! We have multiple postdoctoral and PhD student opportunities available!

Holly-Michael.jpgHolly Michael
Associate Professor
PhD, Hydrology, MIT

Curriculum Vitae





Postdoctoral Researchers

Mohammad-Koneshloo.jpgMohammad Koneshloo
Postdoctoral Researcher
PhD, Geological Sciences, Ecoles des Mines de Paris, Mining Engineering

Mohammad is working on simulation of fluvial, deltaic, and volcanic depositional environments using multiple geostatistical and hybrid methods.



Xuan-Yu.jpgXuan Yu
Postdoctoral Researcher
PhD, Water Resources Engineering, Pennsylvania State University

Xuan is implementing field instrumentation and modeling to understand potential impacts of sea level rise on contaminant migration in urban coastal zones.


Current Graduate Students

James-Heiss.jpgJames Heiss
PhD Student
MS, Geological Sciences, University of Delaware
BS, Geology, Shippinsburg University

James' interests focus on tidal and wave driven subsurface fluid flow and fine particle transport in sandy beaches under saturated and variably saturated conditions. He is investigating the mechanisms that drive small scale groundwater circulation in the swash zone, with the purpose of identifying the hydraulic conditions that affect biogeochemical reactions within the beach.


Mahfuz-Kahn.jpgMahfuz Khan
PhD Student
MS, Hydrogeology and Environmental Geology, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh
BSc, Geology, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh

Mahfuz is interested in water resources management in transboundary river basins and deltas. He is primarily focused on groundwater-surface water interactions in the Ganges Basin and implications for reducing river flow seasonality and flood management. He is also interested in the sustainability of arsenic-safe deep groundwater in the heterogeneous Bengal delta as an arsenic mitigation option.


chris-russoniello.jpgChris Russoniello
PhD Student
MS, Geological Sciences, University of Delaware
BS, Geology, Colby College

A native of New Jersey, Chris arrived at UD after attending Colby College in Maine for his undergraduate degree and working as a surveyor in Alaska for three years. He is working on a project that aims to characterize the forces driving groundwater flow through the Indian River Bay watershed and to quantify discharge into the bay. The field component of this project is centered at a site on the southern shore and shallows of the bay. He will use a variable-density numerical model (MODFLOW and SEAWAT) to understand the position and movement of the saltwater/freshwater interface and the forcing mechanisms that drive flow through the system.

Fang-Tan.jpgFang Tan
PhD Student
MS, Hydrology, Wuhan University, China
BS, Hydrology, Wuhan University, China

Fang is interested in mineral weathering in the "Critical Zone". She aims to identify the mechanisms which cause the spatio-temporal variations in weathering rates.



Kyra-Kim.jpgKyra Kim
PhD Student
BS, Hydrogeology, University of Texas, Austin

Kyra is researching biogeochemical processes that occur in the intertidal zone of beach aqufiers.




Kaileigh-Calhoun.jpgKaileigh Calhoun
MS Student
BS, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Purdue University

Kaileigh is modeling aquifer-ocean interactions on the continental shelf of Bangladesh. She is interested in how geology affects seawater intrusion and groundwater flow to the sea.





Current Undergraduate Students

Interested in joining us? Contact Holly Michael!

Former Students and Postdocs

Postdoctoral Researchers:

Audrey Sawyer, Assistant Professor, Ohio State University

Jingyuan Li, NOAA



Christopher Russoniello, MS, Geology, 2012

Cristina Fernandez, MS, Geology, 2012

James Heiss, MS, Geology, 2011



Nathan Veale, BS, Accounting and Geology, University of Delaware

Eric Lunn, CRB-CZO REU, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Kyle Crespo, BS, Civil Engineering, University of Delaware

Matthew Kerezsi, BS, Civil Engineering, University of Delaware

Andrew Musetto, BS, Environmental Science, University of Delaware

Deon Knights, BS, Geology, University of Delaware

Kevin Myers, BS, Environmental Science, University of Delaware

Emily Olson, BS, Marine Science, University of Delaware

Interested in Hydrogeology at UD? Contact us! Students can do hydrogeology research in our group toward graduate degrees in Geology, Geography, Environmental Engineering, Oceanography, and Water Science and Policy


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