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POSE Program

School of Marine Science and Policy: Physical Ocean Science and Engineering (POSE)

  • Physical Ocean Science and Engineering faculty study waves, currents, and other ocean dynamics.
  • UD researchers helped release 300 drifting buoys equipped with GPS devices near the Deepwater Horizon site as part of a large-scale experiment on ocean currents.

This multidisciplinary academic program is designed to give students a strong foundation in physical oceanography as well as opportunities to focus on their desired area of expertise and acquire state-of-the-art observing and modeling skills, while working closely with our Physical Ocean Science and Engineering (POSE) faculty. Students in the POSE Program apply basic physical principles in their research in coastal physical oceanography, ocean acoustics, nearshore processes, environmental fluid dynamics, estuarine dynamics, high-latitude ocean dynamics, air-sea interaction, boundary layer turbulence, and ocean instrumentation & engineering. The program is particularly appropriate for students with physics, mathematics, or engineering backgrounds. The POSE program is committed to supplying exciting research opportunities, excellent facilities, and a stimulating educational environment for students.

Students in the program pursue a master’s degree or a doctorate in marine studies with a concentration in physical ocean science and engineering.

Degree Programs and Courses Offered

Core Faculty

  • Cristina Archer: wind power, renewable energy, meteorology, numerical modeling
  • Pablo Huq: environmental fluid dynamics, turbulence
  • Tobias Kukulka: air-sea interactions, upper ocean dynamics, ocean modeling
  • Carlos Moffat: Polar coastal oceanography, buoyancy-driven flows, flow-topography
  • Andreas Muenchow: polar and coastal oceanography
  • Fabrice Veron: air-sea interactions, breaking surface waves, marine aerosols

Associated Faculty

  • Helga Huntley: Lagrangian geophysical fluid dynamics, sea ice
  • Denny Kirwan: Lagrangian ocean dynamics, sub mesoscale processes 
  • Dana Veron: climate change, off-shore wind resource assessment, sea breeze circulation

Degree Programs in Marine Science and Policy

The School of Marine Science and Policy in UD's College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment offers a variety of graduate and undergraduate degrees.

Masters degrees are offered in marine policy, marine studies (marine biosciences, oceanography, physical ocean science and engineering), and ocean engineering.

Students interested in doctoral programs can pursue a Ph.D. in Marine Studies, Ocean Engineering, or Oceanography.

Undergraduates can pursue a bachelor's degree in Marine Studies with a concentration in Marine Biology.

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