Offshore Wind Power | Faculty

The following UD faculty are working jointly on offshore wind research. The brief descriptions after each name are for the wind power related expertise. See their home page (linked) for additional research and teaching areas.

  • Suesh G. Advani (George W. Laird Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Associate Directer, Center for Composite Materials) Research areas include: Wind blade manufacturing sequence, composites, and fuel cells.
  • Cristina L. Archer (Associate Professor, Physical Ocean Science and Engineering, and Geography) Meteorology, climate change, air quality, renewable energy, wind power, numerical modeling of atmospheric processes.
  • David L. Burris (Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering and Assistant Professor, DE Biotechnology Institute) Materials tribology; wind turbine drivetrain reliability.
  • James J. Corbett (Professor, Marine Policy, and Professor, Civil/Environmental Engineering, College of Engineering) Research includes ports and vessel logistics.
  • Jeremy Firestone (Associate Professor of Marine Policy, Associate Professor of Legal Studies, Director, Center for Carbon-free Power Integration) Research areas include: International, U.S. Ocean, and Environmental Law and Policy; Governance, Regulation and Intergovernmental Relations (including Offshore Wind Power; Indigenous Rights and Resource Management)
  • Keith Goossen (Associate Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering)Electrical engineering for wind engineers
  • Willett Kempton (Professor, School of Marine Science and Policy, and Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering; Research Director, Center for Carbon-free Power Integration) Research areas include: Offshore wind power: public reactions, policy framework, large scale implementation; electricity policy, electric vehicles for grid power storage.
  • Ajay Prasad (Professor, Mechanical Engineering, Director, Center for Fuel Cell Research) Research areas include: Optimal lateral and longitudinal spacing of wind turbines in an off-shore array, and Use of a wind turbine laboratory module for teaching mechanical engineering to engineering freshman
  • Leonard W. Schwartz (Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Mathematical Sciences) Research includes: theoretical study of the arrangement of wind turbines to maximize turbine density on given plot of land; pairing clockwise and counterclockwise turbines to effect wake cancellation of disturbances; and possible mounting of a camera near root of rotating blade to directly measure blade shape deflections during rotation.
  • Dana E. Veron (Associate Professor, Geography) Research areas include: Climate change, off-shore wind resource assessment, sea breeze circulation, land surface-atmospheric interactions, cloud-aerosol-radiation interactions, Arctic energy balance, surface optical properties.