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Presenting the Kids Corner,
by Talley Middle School, Wilmington, Delaware

After eighth-grade teachers Lynn Scanlan and Hepsi Zsoldos were invited by chief scientist George Luther to participate in the 2003 Black Sea expedition, their students at Talley Middle School in Wilmington, Delaware, formed an after-school study group named "The Turkey Club." A photo of the youngsters is shown here.

As Scanlan and Zsoldos began preparing to become members of the research team aboard the R/V Knorr, their students began immersing themselves in topics that piqued their imagination about this fascinating region of the world, from the water quality of the Black Sea to Turkish carpets and Turkish baths.

Each student researched a different topic, wrote about it, and developed it into a Web page for the Talley Middle School Web site. Be sure to check them out. Way to go, Talley Tigers!

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