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Image of the Comb Jellyfish.
Language arts teacher Lynn Scanlan (left) and Earth science teacher Hepsi Zsoldos, from Talley Middle School in Wilmington, Delaware, will join the research team at sea and report their findings back to the classroom.

Teachers Join the Team

During the final leg of the 2003 Black Sea expedition, teachers Lynn Scanlan and Hepsi Zsoldos will join the research team aboard the R/V Knorr to gain firsthand experience in the conduct of research at sea.

Scanlan teaches eighth-grade language arts and Zsoldos teaches eighth-grade Earth science at Talley Middle School in Wilmington, Delaware. The MBNA Foundation is helping to support this unique educational opportunity for both the teachers at sea and their students back home in the classroom.

The teachers will report their findings to their students through journals, photos, video clips, and phone calls. Their reports will be available on at this Web address:

Zsoldos, who won Delaware's first Governor's Marine Science Teacher-of-the-Year Award in 2002, recently participated in "Extreme 2002: Mission to the Abyss," an expedition to hydrothermal vents over a mile deep in the Pacific Ocean. To learn more about that research cruise, click here.