Bedform Parameterization and Object Detection From Sonar Data

Research Project Title

Bedform Parameterization and Object Detection From Sonar Data- Application of Finger Print Algorithms

Project Description

The long-range goals of this research are to improve our ability to characterize the seabed geometry and texture in energetic inner-shelf/bay mouth settings composed of heterogeneous sedimentary material and possessed of dynamic seabed ripples. Our purpose is to improve our understanding of bedform dynamics and spatio-temporal length scales and defect densities through the application of a recently developed finger print algorithm technique (Skarke and Trembanis, 2011) in the vicinity of manmade seabed objects and dynamic natural ripples on the inner shelf utilizing high-resolution swath sonar collected by an AUV and from surface vessel sonars in energetic coastal settings with application to critical military operations such as mine countermeasures.

Project Team

CEOE Faculty
Arthur Trembanis

Other UD Faculty
Doug Miller

Carter DuVal, Trevor Metz

Larry Mayer (UNH) and Jonathan Beaudoin (UNH)

Relevant publications/products related to project

Skarke, A., and A.C. Trembanis, 2011. Parameterization of bedform morphology and defect density with fingerprint analysis techniques. Continental Shelf Research, 31: 1688-1700.                                 

Featured Faculty

Arthur Trembanis

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Associate Professor Oceanography


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