Mark Moline Current Research Projects

Deep mapping teuthivorous whales and their prey fields

Collaborator: Oregon State University: Kelly Benoit-Bird;SERDP  2011-2015

The propagating response of the inner shelf to wind relaxations in a coastal upwelling system

Collaborators: UC Santa Barbara: Libe Washburn; Rutgers University: Oscar Schofield; National Science Foundation  2010-2014

Bioluminescence Risk Detection Aid (BRDA)

Collaborator: WET Labs, Inc.; Department of Defense  2009-2013

Resolving complex flows over seamounts in the Gulf of Mexico (Using a REMUS 100 AUV to map dye distributions around seamounts)

Collaborator: NRL, Stennis; Office of Naval Research  2010-2013

Rapid environmental assessment using an integrated coastal ocean observation and modeling system

Collaborators: Rutgers University: Oscar Schofield, Scott Glenn, Katja Fennel, John Wilkin; Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution: Glenn Gawarkiewicz, Ruoying He, Dennis McGillicuddy; Office of Naval Research  2008-2012

Dynamic modeling of marine bioluminescence and night time leaving radiance

Collaborators: NRL Stennis: Igor Shulman; University of Delaware: Matthew Oliver; Office of Naval Research  2009-2012

Winter ecology in the Arctic

Collaborators: UNIS/University of Tromso: Jorgen Berge; Norwegian Research Council  2011-2016

Resolving complex flows in a reef/island environment

Collaborators: UC San Diego: Eric Terrill; Coral Reef Research Foundation - Palau: Pat Colin; Office of Naval Research  2008-2013

Hydrodynamic controls on acoustical and optical water properties in tropical reefs

Collaborators: UC San Diego: Geno Pawlak; Coral Reef Research Foundation - Palau: Pat Colin; Office of Naval Research  2011-2013 

Real-Time characterization of Adelie Penguin foraging environment using an autonomous underwater vehicle

Collaborators: Rutgers University: Oscar Schofield; University of Delaware: Matthew Oliver; Virginia Institute of Marine Science: Deborah K. Steinberg; Polar Oceans Research Group: William Fraser; Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution: Hugh Ducklow; National Science Foundation  2010-2013

Shark tracking with multiple autonomous underwater vehicles

Collaborators: Harvey Mudd: Christopher Clark; California State University - Long Beach: Christopher Lowe; National Science Foundation  2010-2014

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Mark Moline

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