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Christopher Petrone

Director, Marine Advisory Service


M.S., Marine Studies, University of Delaware, 2003
B.S., Biology, Washington College, 2000

Programmatic Interests

Coastal and ocean literacy, wind power education, K-12 teacher education, program evaluation, ocean observing systems, autonomous and remotely operated underwater technologies, Meaningful Watershed Education Experiences


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Clark, V.P., Brill, C.H., and Petrone, C.J. 2009. Two Boats, Three Summers, Five Universities, One Dozen Instructors and 65 Teachers: A Collaborative Oceanography Field Program for Earth Science. Journal of Mathematics and Science: Collaborative Explorations. 10: 43-53.

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Petrone, C.J., Jancaitis, L.B., Jones, M.B., Natunewicz, C.C., Tilburg, C.E., and Epifanio, C.E. 2005. Dynamics of larval patches: Spatial Distribution of fiddler crab larvae in Delaware Bay and adjacent waters. Marine Ecology Progress Series. 293: 177-190.


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