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Geology Mission and Goals

The mission of the Geological Sciences Department of the University of Delaware College of Earth, Ocean and Environment is to advance understanding of Earth’s natural systems by:

  1. Engaging in research devoted to understanding how Earth works and how geological processes have operated over deep geologic to human timescales to create Earth’s environments;
  2. Preparing students in the Geological Sciences for careers as professional geoscientists and educators; and
  3. Communicating thorough education and outreach our understanding of Earth’s processes to University students and local, national and international audiences.

Learning Goals / Outcomes

Graduates of the Geology and Earth Science Education programs will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate mastery of the conceptual framework for understanding Earth system processes and the development of Earth’s features over time.
  2. Integrate concepts from other relevant fields as appropriate to understand geological processes and the Earth system. (GenEd Goal 5)
  3. Apply geologic knowledge and critical thinking skills to identify a problem and to describe a strategy for tackling it. (GenEd Goal 2 – Critical Thinking)
  4. Effectively communicate their ideas and knowledge and the results of their work. (GenEd Goals 1a and 1b – Oral and Written Communication)
  5. Demonstrate the skillful application of technical methodologies relevant to geological sciences. These include use of lab and field equipment, data acquisition and analysis and computer/software skills. (GenEd Goals 1c and 1d – Quantitative Reasoning and Information Technology)
  6. Demonstrate familiarity with sources of scientific information and the use of scientific literature in geosciences and related fields. (GenEd Goal 2 – Critical Thinking)

Our Curriculum Map will show how individual courses address our learning goals and how the learning outcomes are assessed.

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