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The Department of Geological Sciences has an excellent faculty with research strengths in coastal and marine geology and geophysics, surface processes and geomorphology, hydrogeology, geomicrobiology, geoarcheology, Quaternary geology, petrology, paleobiology and micropaleontology, and geochemistry.

GEOL faculty are joined by faculty members with primary appointments in other CEOE units and throughout the University, emeritus faculty, post doctoral and limited term researchers, and professional staff.   


Eliot Atekwana, Professor: geochemistry and hydrogeology

Estella Atekwana, Dean: biogeophysics and tectonics

Clara Chan, Associate Professor: geomicrobiology, microbial mineralization

John Madsen, Associate Professor: coastal and estuarine geophysics, geosciences education

Ronald Martin, Professor: paleobiology

Susan McGeary, Associate Professor: environmental geophysics

Holly Michael, Associate Professor: hydrogeology

Michael O'Neal, Associate Professor: quaternary geomorphology and climate, GIS

James Pizzuto, Professor: fluvial geomorphology

Neil C. Sturchio, Professor and Chair: geochemistry, isotopes, mineral-water interactions

Adam Wallace, Assistant Professor: geochemistry, environmental mineralogy, geobiology

Jessica Warren, Assistant Professor: petrology, rock deformation, geochemistry

AFFILIATED FACULTY WITH PRIMARY APPOINTMENT IN THE DELAWARE GEOLOGICAL SURVEY (administratively housed in the Department of Geological Sciences)

Scott Andres, Senior Scientist: hydrogeology, coastal plain geology

Thomas McKenna, Associate Professor: hydrogeology

Peter McLaughlin, Senior Scientist: micropaleontology, oil and gas

Kelvin Ramsey, Scientist: coastal plain geology, stratigraphy

David Wunsch, State Geologist: aqueous geochemistry, hydrogeology

AFFILIATED FACULTY (from other units at UD may teach courses and advise students in Geological Sciences)

Primary Affiliation:  School of Marine Science and Policy, Oceanography

     Katharina Billups, Professor: paleoceanography, paleoclimate

     Chris Sommerfield, Professor: coastal/estuarine sedimentation, radionuclide geochemistry 

     Art Trembanis, Associate Professor: coastal and estuarine sedimenttransport, marine robotics

     William Ullman, Professor: oceanography, biogeochemistry, watersheds

Primary Affiliation:  Dept. of Plant and Soil Science

     Shreeram Inamdar, Professor: watershed hydrology, biogeochemistry

     Deb Jaisi, Assistant Professor: Environmental Biogeochemistry

     Angelia Seyfferth, Assistant Professor

Primary Affiliation: Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering 

     Jack Puleo, Associate Professor: littoral sediment transport  


Carlos Duque, Postdoctoral Researcher working with Holly Michael

Jessica Keffer, Postdoctoral Researcher working with Clara Chan

Xuan Yu, Postdoctoral Researcher working with Holly Michael


Billy P. Glass: Impact ejecta, tektites and microtektites, shock metamorphism, marine geology.

Robert R Jordan

John C. Kraft, Joint H. Fletcher Brown Professor Emeritus: Holocene coastal sedimentology and micropaleontology, geoarcheology, Ordovician ostracoda, petroleum geology.

Peter B. Leavens: Mineralogy, geochemistry, petrology, and origin of the Franklin and Sterling Hill. zinc-iron-manganese orebodies and associated Franklin marble. X-ray powder diffraction crystal structure analysis. Crystal chemistry of vesuvianite.

John F. Wehmiller: Organic Geochemistry, Quaternary Geochronology


Cheryl Doherty, Staff Assistant

Bill Parnella, Senior Research Technician

Linnea Heraty, Laboratory Manager

Faculty Spotlight

Holly Michael is the Unidel Fraser Russell Chair for the Environment.  She has received national attention for her work in coastal groundwater and its significance for understanding and protecting the environment.

The Unidel Fraser Russell Chair for the Environment is a five-year career development chair named in honor of T.W. Fraser Russell, Allan P. Colburn Professor Emeritus of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering.

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